Higurashi Sotsu: Rina’s Surprise Visit Ends in Tragedy

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Higurashi: When They Cry - Sotsu, "Demon Revealing - Part 2," now streaming on Funimation.

Episode 2 of Higurashi Sotsu sees Rena spiral deeper into madness, concerned over her father’s wellbeing and resolute to do anything necessary to protect him -- even murder. With Satoko’s role in the upcoming tragedy over, Rena takes center stage as fans are filled in on the events that lead her to attack Keiichi at the end of the “Demon-Deceiving” arc.

Following her trip into Okinomiya, Rena buys various supplies from a hardware store. Now in a trance-like state, she continually mutters to herself as her Hinamizawa Syndrome worsens and after excusing herself from club activities, makes her way home. She's surprised to find Rina there, however, who takes the opportunity to lure her to the junkyard under the guise of a treasure hunt.

The two head down to a derelict van that Rena uses as a hideout, which Rena heads inside to prepare her tools. An oblivious Rina follows suit while Rena maintains her composure -- despite the setback -- and attempts to strangle Rina while her guard is down.

Rina briefly manages to fend Rena off, escaping the truck and desperately looking for a way out of the junkyard. Her escape is short-lived as she climbs and falls down a large pile of junk right in front of Rena, and as Rena lifts her Nata, Rina tries pleading for her life... with no luck.

Meanwhile, Satoko watches Rena dispose of the body from a distance with a somber expression, promising Rena an ideal world should she succeed in convincing Rika of staying in the village. She leaves just as Rena wraps up and searches for a place to hide the corpse.

Excusing herself from activities again the next day, Rena returns to the junkyard to check on Rina’s body. Under the impression that Rena is attempting to retrieve the Kenta-kun doll on her own, Keiichi follows her. Rena feigns gratitude at first but is paranoid that she believes Keiichi knows about Rina’s death.

As Rena retrieves her Nata from her hideout -- and sneaks up on Keiichi as he’s reading a tabloid article on the dam site murders -- she seems to have snapped out of her murderous trance, and they decide to return for the statue another day.

On the way home, however, Rena is stopped and questioned by Ooishi, who is investigating Rina’s disappearance. Rena maintains her composure during the interrogation and admits having seen Rina on the day of her disappearance but not anything else. Without anything to go on, Ooishi takes his leave but not before taunting Rena with a comment about the upcoming Watanagashi Festival and Oyashirou-sama’s curse.

Episode 2 of Sotsu gives some much-needed context into Rena’s actions before her attack on Keiichi in the “Demon-Deceiving” arc. Now that the new Higrusahi season has filled in some of the blanks, Rena’s monologue throughout her attack on Keiichi makes much more sense. Rika and Satoko’s deaths shortly after the attack should be covered in some way as well, potentially offering fans the first of many major confrontations between the two.

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