Hear Alexis Kings’ Take On Today’s Obsession With Looks In New Single “Cali Girls”

British alternative rock band Alexis Kings drop a feel-good track titled “Cali Girls.” Brendan Aherne and Fabio Bocca, the duo behind Alexis Kings, have weaved a vibrant and on-point narrative over a quintessentially alternative rock song. This powerful song is also the first teaser from their upcoming EP. “Cali Girls” is written by Brendan Aherne and produced by Alexis Kings and Brett Shaw. 

Beyond the Californian vibe of this funky single, Alexis Kings are sharing their take on today’s obsession with looks and the pressure of social likability, at its peak in the state of California, but also in the rest of the world. 

From the overall aesthetics and sonic structure to the retro meets contemporary atmosphere created by the band, “Cali Girls” is packed with substance and impactful thanks to the simple yet powerful messages delivered in the song. It is greatly refreshing to witness the innovative approach of a band who loves experimenting with fusing Country, Soul, Hip-hop and Funk, always layered atop a solid Rock n Roll base.