HDSN to release ‘Icy’

Can’t stop, won’t stop get guap, when they say this ain´t hot all these lies need to stop.

HDSN‘s brand new track ‘Icy’ is set to be released on November 28. Pre-order here.

We know ya´ll passionately waiting for our NBASTWAX013 to be released so we wanna reward your patience and sneak in a lil treat for you right before HDSN´s “I House You But Love” is landing in the shelves. If HDSN´s style wasn´t so damn flexible and innovative, it would be a throwback to hip house heyday.

But his latest party tool isn’t exactly hip house. No, “Icy” is a practice in circling around a revered style from just enough distance to land on something entirely new. It’s a masterful stroke from one of electronic music’s freshest rising talents. A tense dance-floor monster with enough energy to power a small town. It’s also strikingly minimalist, relying mostly on a deep bass line and one intoxicating vocal chop to propel its rhythmic madness.

It´s a special vibe this hybrid offshoot kicks away and unsurprisingly, it works remarkably well! A song we put on repeat without a second thought. Best thing it´s free so grab yourself a copy and add it to your arsenal. #datsoulthang