Have You Listened To Ru’s New Song “Enemies”

From North Carolina, the rapper Yolo Ru is taking names as hitting targets as he goes. His latest track titled “Enemies” is a clear-cut message to all his envious enemies out there. This track will get your fire pumping and your feelings boosted.

It combines the right doses of swag to produce a true work of art. Bound with rap, hip-hop, and gangster energy, the artist is taking his fans on a thrilling adventure with his style. The track was also released with a matching music video produced by Ru Gang Records (a production company created by the artist himself and brother) and shot by Otto The Director. The visuals offer a sense of reality to the track as it flawlessly pushes the reality of being a rapper.

With flaring guns, cash, and all the right lightning, Yolo Ru shines through the music video with his hard-hitting lyrics and captivating vocals. An adventure packed with excitement, thrill, and inspiration, Yolo Ru is definitely an artist to keep on your playlist.

His display of power and courage is evident in all his tracks.