Have You Listened To Nraakors’s New Album Hoppel Poppel

From Iowa, Nraakors is an interesting version of everything rock and more. Nraakors is the musical production of James Kasper, Gigi Macabre, Joseph Norman. The band labels themselves as experimental rock and has been delivering hits for a long time now. They recently released a new album titled Hoppel Poppel, prepared with a fine collection of 19 tracks.

Jumping between folk-rock songs and neoclassical compositions, the band’s strive to deliver epic tracks has surely been a hit. The tracklist is exceptionally powerful and ensures a magical blend of genres. These well-designed rock masterpieces will whisk you away on a wild adventure.

Tracks such as “Fanfare for an Uncommon Swan” and “Blood Sausage For Breakfast” are the perfect ballads for the neoclassical/French film score tone fans.

Listen to Hoppel Poppel below.