Gundam Studio Previews 11 Minutes of New Mecha Series Kyokai Senki

Sunrise, the animation studio behind Mobile Suit Gundam, has released the first 11-minutes of its latest sci-fi mecha action epic, Kyokai Senki.

The extended preview for Kyokai Senki was released to Bandai's official YouTube channel. The new series is being produced at Sunrise's Beyond division, a relatively new branch of the acclaimed animation studio that is best known for its work on 2019's Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise. Despite seemingly having a more serious tone than the light-hearted Build sub-series, the new show features many of the staff who worked on Gundam Build Divers and Gundam Build Fighters, including script supervisor Noburo Kimura and character designer Kenichi Onuki. The series will be directed by Star Blazers 2202's Nobuyoshi Habara. The design of the mecha in the series was supervised by famed industrial designer Ken Okuyama, who is best known for contributing to the design of the Enzo Ferrari.

Kyokai Senki is set in the year 2061, where the world is ruled by four warring super-powers and the country of Japan is occupied by a foreign army that utilizes the AMAIM, giant AI-powered robots, in combat. A young boy named Amo Shiba becomes the pilot of an AMAIM known as Kenbu and decides to use this new weapon to liberate Japan.

Keeping with Gundam tradition, the preview for the new series ends with an advertisement for Bandai's upcoming line of Kyokai Senki plastic model kits, which will feature many of the robots from the show. The Kyokai Senki kits are labeled with the High Grade badge Bandai assigns to its entry level Gundam models, meaning they should be relatively show accurate while being comparatively easy to build versus Bandai's more complex Master Grade and Perfect Grade kits. The model kits will premiere alongside the show this October.

Source: YouTube

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