Gundam Characters With the Strangest Names, From Quattro Bajeena to Full Frontal

As dark and heavy as some of Gundam's war stories get, things can't always be taken completely seriously, especially the names. Some Gundam names are puns, like Char Aznable being a play on French singer Charles Aznavour. Others are combinations of words that make no sense but sound cool, like Lockon Stratos or Zechs Marquise. Then there are the names that simply look like someone scrambled letters together, like M'Quvre or Mu La Flaga. Picking out the strangest Gundam names is a challenging task, but the following 10 are among the cream of the crop in terms of making otherwise deeply-invested viewers laugh at the most inopportune moments, whether due to sexual innuendos or bizarre word combinations.

Quattro Bajeena

Quattro Came Here To Laugh

Technically the name "Quattro" has some logic to it when one considers this is the fourth name used by the Newtype most infamously known as Char Aznable. However, piecing out the logic behind that last name is a fool's errand, and it's all the more hilarious when one considers the "v" sound in English is transliterated into a "b" sound in Japanese. It turns out a silly pseudonym and some cool shades are all the antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam needs to shed his reputation as the Red Comet, as he teams up with his former enemies against the oppressive forces of the Titans in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Jamitov Hymen

This Earth Federation leader is so evil that he makes Char/Quattro look like a good guy, but Jamitov Hymen's last name is simply embarrassing. Sometimes his last name has been localized as "Hymem" to be less sexual, but those watching Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam or Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory know exactly what they're hearing. After Earth won the One Year War, Hymen founded the Titans to enforce his Earth-supremacist ideology over the space colonies through violent means. He's assisted by the also-ridiculously named Paptimus Scirocco.

South Burning

The Albion crew in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory has a few candidates for this list, but perhaps the toughest name in all of Gundam is South Burning. In any other franchise, it may be assumed this senior pilot and commander got his name as a nickname from some epic battle, but in Gundam, it can be assumed the "Burning" family decided to name their child "South."

Bork Cry

Gundam Bork Cry

Now this name is embarrassing on multiple levels. Having the last name "Cry" is sad enough, but a first name that sounds like his father was the Swedish Chef takes things to another level. If you're a Gundam anime fan who hasn't heard of Bork Cry, it's probably because he is never in the anime. Instead, this Earth Federation soldier is a lead character from the Super Famicom video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079. He also appeared in SD Gundam G Generation Genesis for the Switch and PS4. His mobile suit, the RX-78XX Gundam Pixy, is also playable in Gundam Versus with a different pilot (Fred Reber).

Revive Revival

Gundam Revive Revival

A candidate for the laziest name in all of Gundam, Revive Revival is the pilot of the GNZ-003 Gadessa and a genetically engineered Innovade trying to pass as a true evolved Innovator -- Mobile Suit Gundam 00's equivalent of Newtypes. Unlike other Innovades, he respects certain humans. Unfortunately for Revive, his name is not a sign of any special abilities, as he died in battle without any chance of being revived. His identical twin Anew Returner also has a silly name, albeit one that's less repetitive.

Natora Einus

Gundam Natora Einus

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is an attempt to make a Gundam show for younger kids, co-produced by gaming company Level-5, but a new demographic doesn't make it immune to the franchise's history of oddly sexual-sounding names. Natora Einus is the captain of the Diva transforming battleship in the show's third generation. Earning her rank due to the history of the Einus family rather than her own talent, she has a lot to learn but showcases real potential to live up to the legacy of the Einus name.

Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Griffon

Gundam Biscuit Cookie Cracker

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is a  grittier alternate universe Gundam anime, following a group of Martian orphans turned child soldiers. Biscuit Griffon is the brains of the Tekkadan mercenary group, and though he never pilots a mobile suit, he can operate mobile worker units. His death is one of the saddest parts of the first season, especially because fans feel bad for his little sisters, Cookie and Cracker. For some reason, his whole family has food-related names, including brother Savarin Canele and grandmother Sakura Pretzel.

Full Frontal

Full Frontal, the villain of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, looks, sounds and acts just like Char. Even though Char allegedly dies in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, it would be easy to assume the Red Comet found a way to survive and Full Frontal is another one of Char's aliases, but he's a new character -- sort of. His backstory isn't explained within the anime, but the original light novel series by Harutoshi Fukui reveals he's a Cyber Newtype who's surgically modified to look like Char and is implanted with his will and memories. The finale of the anime shows his psychic Newtype link with the souls of Char, Amuro Ray and Lalah Sune.

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