GRiZ Offers to Reimburse Fan Citations Following Overzealous Policing at Triple Rainbow

In the immediate aftermath of the debut Triple Rainbow camping event in Wisconsin, attendees voiced their frustration over overzealous security—and now GRiZ himself is taking action.

Fans on social media didn't hesitate to speak up about their unpleasant interactions with security on the campgrounds of the sprawling, 195-acre lot. The volume and consistency of testimonials pouring into social media were enough to draw the attention of both GRiZ and the organizers behind the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. 

Most commonly, attendees mentioned strict enforcement of a noise-related curfew, an overbearing presence of police and K-9 dogs, and invasive searches of personal property.

However, there may be recourse for fans who feel they were wrongly cited and fined while at Triple Rainbow. GRiZ took to social media to offer to personally reimburse fans, suggesting they reach out via email with a screenshot of their ticket for consideration.

"I'm beyond upset w the policing & Worked really hard on this event," he tweeted. "To see our community treated so poorly was heartbreaking."

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GRiZ Offers to Reimburse Fan Citations Following Overzealous Policing at Triple Rainbow

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Despite the treatment of fans on the ground, GRiZ went on to mention that law enforcement was actually quite complimentary of the fan community that had gathered throughout the weekend, which only seemingly adds to the confusion.

"The police deputy made a comment that we were one of if not the NICEST community of ppl at shows they’ve ever seen there," GRiZ wrote in another tweet. "We had a VERY small amount of citations in relationship to ANY show they’ve ever had there."

GRiZ speculates that this particular incident likely came to light only because of the unique sense of community and camaraderie that exists amongst his fans. "We however won’t be treated like that and jus be silent about it," he added.

Triple Rainbow took place September 16th and 17th ahead of the release of GRiZ's new album, Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4.