Grand Larsonie Explores The Infinite Possibilities Of Sound In New Track “Trans-porting”

After the release of two albums and a few singles in 2020, Grand Larsonie followed up​ to his sophisticated debut releases with a brand new track, “Trans-porting.” This ​latest record finds Larsonie mixing acid house with Baltimore club in a very personal and ear-pleasing way. In a recent interview with EDM Honey, he described his sound by explaining, “I like to think my sound evolves over time. (Always a student, never a master mentality), but I tend to gravitate towards synth sounds, and combine long notes with fast drum breaks. It's hard to say where my music falls but I like to think it's in the psychedelic​ realm.” A pioneer in the world of experimental electronic ​music, Grand Larsonie keeps surpassing the electronic music fans’ expectations​ by relentlessly pushing the genre’s boundaries further away, never fearing to enter the unexplored realms of infinite possibilities.