Godzilla Singular Point: Season 1’s Most Burning Questions Left Unanswered

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point packs a lot in as we discover more about the incursions that bring kaiju to Earth. It's all due to the space-time continuum being messed with, causing Mei and Yun to really dive deep into physics and wonder what the planet's role is to all the dimensions these monsters are connecting it to.

It concludes with one disaster averted but hints that more are brewing. Given there are sinister forces at play such as the shady doctor, Ashihara, as well as the Shiva Consortium, let's dissect some of the biggest mysteries we never got answers for by the time Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point wrapped.

Where Did the Physics Expert Ashihara Go?

In the present, Mei's struggling to reconcile all the work Ashihara did. The scientific expert has been a genius with the Red Dust and Archetype cube, crafting a foundation for their origins as they were dropped to Earth. However, seeing as Ashihara disappeared decades ago, Mei thought he was dead. Shockingly, the post-credits show him right there with Shiva working on Mechagodzilla.

We'd love to know where he went and what he's been up to all this time. Mei's A.I., Pelops II, did see Ashihara in the singular point in Shiva's cave, so it's possible Ashihara is a singular point himself, like Godzilla, who can teleport through space and time.

It could be that he visited other realities or timelines to garner key intel or tech, so Godzilla Singular Point needs to answer this ASAP in Season 2. Ashihara is being set up as Mei's nemesis and seeing as her mentor Li died, it's clear a lot of Ashihara's hidden history will inform the past -- and what Mei needs to do to stop him from tinkering with their future.

What Will Happen to the Jet Jaguar Program?

Pelops found the code in the singular point at Shiva's Super Dimension Calculator, which was then sent to Jet Jaguar's mainframe. The robot would upgrade since this digital info had protocols from many Jet Jaguars from different dimensions on how to level up. It eventually blew up itself and Godzilla, rendering the Red Dust inert, but we need to know what the future of the program is.

Goro Otaki made the bot but it was Yun's A.I. that turned Jet Jaguar into a sentient being, so they may collaborate again. We can even see the military wanting to turn it into a fleet. It makes sense that they'd want to protect the future, and seeing as they helped Yun and Goro with earlier iterations, it'd be a logical step in terms of progression.

They all have a good working relationship, but Goro will have to be wary of trusting the military with his pet project's evolution. That said, multipurpose versions can be formed a la Godzilla Island, but it'll be most interesting to know if the team has remnants of the code to make the machines more powerful.

Where are the Other Singular Points?

There are singular points scattered across the planet, so viewers need to know where the others are. They'd be key in Shiva's future projects, or those of other evil empires who want to exploit these portals. They could all glean intel and create fuel sources, but most of all, these portals would help predict where the kaiju are coming from.

They could even allow humanity to visit other dimensions and possibly attack the monsters with Jet Jaguar bots in a preemptive strike to defend Earth. The singular points are going to be key moving forward since Mei and Yun know Shiva will be seeking to unlock the other states of the Archetype cube, as well as secrets on the Red Dust and the Orthogonal Diagonizer bomb.

In fact, these rifts can even lead to new forms and colors of dust, so Mei and Yun should also want to find them to see if they can harness them for good. The fact that Godzilla Singular Point remained mum on these locations indicates there's going to be some intriguing threads with them soon as Shiva knows these portals can provide them with weapons to rule not just Earth, but the multiverse.

What Brought the Kaiju Over?

godzilla singular point salunga

While some kaiju like Salunga were seen to be vicious, others such as Anguirus and the Rodan legion seem more scared than ever. Sure, they're adapting and have to feed, but we'd love to know why exactly they're coming to a terrain like Earth that's so unpredictable.

Food sources are sketchy as they always endanger themselves in battle, plus they run the risk of being attacked by humans and other kaiju predators. So maybe when mankind ventures over into these other realms, we can see what they're running from and becoming refugees for. It's not like Pacific Rim where they're seeking to conquer -- they just want to exist, after all. This needs to be answered soon, as well as if they're all from one dimension or many different realities. Either way, we could see even scarier kaiju in their worlds to get a better insight as to why they'd flee.

What's Shiva's Play With Mechagodzilla?

Considering the destruction all these monsters caused and how Godzilla almost destroyed Tokyo, it's odd to see Shiva making Mechagodzilla at its Indian base. We'd love to know the reason for this as the Red Dust is now inert and no threat at all. Also, most of the kaiju, including Godzilla, have been killed so it's odd to see Shiva still being sneaky about operations.

It could be a proactive move in case more behemoths come over, but Ashihara's smile indicates something sketchy at hand. They may use it to hunt peaceful kaiju, or use radio waves to control other kaiju as the base -- it is Godzilla's skeleton after all. Mechagodzilla might even be reformatted to become a singular point that could be taken to other dimensions to be an apex conqueror.

All we know is that Shiva better be careful as Godzilla Singular Point moves forward. Apart from Godzilla getting out of control, if its sentience conflicts with their programming, it may even lure in new alphas through portals such as King Ghidorah.

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