Godzilla Singular Point: Anguirus’ New Ability May Finally Explain the Anime’s Title

The most recent trailer for Godzilla Singular Point might've revealed that what its title is alluding to: a classic kaiju's newfound abilities. The trailer establishes that the upcoming Netflix anime will center around a team of scientists and Jet Jaguar, with Godzilla resuming his role of the titanic antagonistic force that threatens Japan. Also threatening the stability of society is an enigmatic particle that could point toward the villainous, tragic kaiju Biollante.

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However, the new footage also indicates another threat -- a possible calamity that might bring the universe to a point of absolute chaos, a primordial state that would reset reality and bring existence to an end. Making things even more cryptic, that it appears Anguirus, of all monsters, might be able to foresee this future and the possible means that lead to it. Could this endpoint be the "Singular Point" alluded to by Godzilla Singular Point's title?

Anguirus Has... Foresight?


Anguirus was one of the first rival kaiju Godzilla ever fought. First appearing in the immediate sequel to the original Godzilla (1954) film, Godzilla Raids Again, Anguirus is an armadillo-esque kaiju who starts off as Godzilla's enemy before, in later entries in the Showa Era, becoming a frequent companion to the King of Monsters.

For better or worse, one of Anguirus's defining traits is his physical weakness compared to Godzilla. Ergo, it's unique that Godzilla Singular Point appears to be granting him such special power. It remains uncertain how the main human characters learn Anguirus has this foresight ability, though it is possible he might have some Spider-Sense-esque skill that allows him to avoid danger as it unfolds around him. Or, perhaps he could be acting in an unorthodox manner, hinting towards some apocalyptic outcome.

Either way, it appears clear to the human cast what Anguirus's odd ability reveals: a point of ancient chaos. Humanity changing forever. In other words, a singularity point.

What is a Singularity?

However Anguirus communicates or demonstrates this foresight, there might be reason enough for the human characters to believe it is leading to destructive ends. The universe looks to be entering into a singularity, which is to say a point of such rapid advancement and alteration that change becomes irreversible.

This singularity point might be a sign of monsters overtaking the world. Many of the kaiju in the Godzilla franchise are primordial in nature. This might be, in part, due to the mysterious substances being developed by Dr. Li in the anime, known as Archetype. Archetype, as mentioned before, might even be tied to another iconic kaiju, Biollante. Therefore, this singularity point could be the point at which kaiju become the dominant species on the planet, not humanity, with Archetype spurring on the process.

If true, this would be quite similar to the scenario that transpired in the prior Godzilla anime, wherein Godzilla's bio essence consumes and blends with the entire earth. If so, Godzilla might either be the force that helps kaiju overtake the planet in Godzilla Singular Point or the force that can best protect Earth from this fate. We will only know for sure this June when Godzilla Singular Point releases on Netflix outside of Japan.

Directed by Atsushi Takahashi and written by Toh Enjoe, Godzilla Singular Point arrives on Netflix in June.

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