Godzilla Singular Point Adds THIS Nearly Unkillable Kaiju to Canon

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point, now streaming on Netflix.

Godzilla Singular Point's first season pays homage to many iconic kaiju from the mythos, with the titular lizard, Rodan, Anguirus and Kumonga among the many dangers seen as humanity struggles to contend with these apex monsters invading Earth from another dimension. However, there's also an intriguing addition made to canon -- and it comes in the form of an almost-unkillable beast: Salunga.

Salunga debuts in the episode "Gadabout" but it's really in "Theorist" that it comes into focus as a real threat in India. Salunga spends most of the anime locked away in a Red Dust repository that the nefarious Shiva Consortium has barricaded. This hole tracks right back to an ancient pyramid, which is the initial site of the singular point where dimensions are intersecting. Decades ago, the scientist Ashirara was studying space and time at this location, building his Super Dimensional Computer to figure out how to stop a catastrophe in the future.

It seems like, similar to how other kaiju emerged from this fracture in reality, Salunga did as well. It's found trying to crawl from that entry point to the capped hole at Shiva. The first time it appears in Singular Point, the hole is sealed by the operative BB, using a giant door, but it keeps pounding through until a prototype for the Orthogonal Diagonizer (a special atom bomb) is used. The weapon is a copy of what Ashihara created, turning the Red Dust into crystalline spikes to impale Salunga.

However, the Gabara-esque beast breaks free and escapes into the streets, which leads to the military detonating another imitation bomb. They're left with no other choice as the mix of monkey and lizard continues to grow, using its horn to generate electricity and moving away almost too swiftly to be dealt with. The drama comes to a head when Salunga evolves and breaks free again, sensing the singular point is being effected at the computer's site.

Protagonist Mei and her posse arrive to figure out the code for the Diagonizer, hoping that once her A.I., Pelops II, grabs the data from the machine, it can send it to Yun in Tokyo to detonate the real bomb and kill Godzilla. Little did they know Salunga would attack them and become their own personal catastrophe in the series finale.

As they flee in a panicked state, with Salunga trying to get at the computer that holds the singular point, the code is eventually sent to the Jet Jaguar robot to allow it to blow up. All the Red Dust ends up turning inert and then into blue crystals. This once more leads to giant spikes impaling Salunga, finally killing the Singular Point behemoth.

As the military had no other weapons, and Salunga would surely have killed Mei and Co. before rampaging across the sub-continent with ease, its death comes as a huge relief. Not to mention, with Godzilla in Japan killing flocks of Rodans and humans, there's no chance they'd have run into each other and fought. In the end, it's a stroke of luck but one Mei, as well as the Shiva associates, are grateful for.

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