Girls’ Frontline Drops New Teaser Trailer

Warner Bros. Japan released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of the popular mobile strategy game Girls' Frontline (Dolls' Frontline in Japan). The teaser trailer also announced the voice cast for the lead roles, such as Haruka Tomatsu as M4A1, Nozomi Yamane as M16A1, Emiri Kato as ST AR-15 and Yukari Tamura as M4 SOPMOD II.

Per an earlier press release, the premise of the mobile game allows the player to "[take] on the role of a newly recruited commander who must complete various tasks by commanding highly advanced female androids also known as the Tactical Dolls."

Originally developed by SUNBORN, the mobile game was released in Mainland China in 2016 with subsequent releases in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in 2017. The game was then released in Japan and in English-speaking countries in 2018. A previous 12-episode anime adaptation called Girls' Frontline: Healing Chapter aired on Japan's Tokyo MX channel in 2019. The game has also been adapted into a manga series called Girls' Frontline: The Song of Dolls and has been featured on audio CDs.

The new television anime is being produced by Warner Bros. Japan and is being developed by Asahi Production. No release date has been announced, but the series is scheduled to debut in Japan sometime this year with a global simulcast. The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android.

Source: YouTube via Crunchyroll

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