Gibiate’s Story Grows More Complicated and ‘Out of This World’

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Gibiate, "Illusory Love," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Gibiate is a series that juggles and weaves together various story elements. There's the time-traveling aspect, with the various warriors from the past coming to aide humanity. Then there's the element of the Gibia virus, which causes people to turn into monstrous forms and lose their sense of humanity. To top off this bundle, Dr. Yoshinaga reveals in Episode 11 that the situation is even more complex, with an out-of-this-world problem.

The unfolding of this additional layer starts when Dr. Yoshinaga is finishing his vaccine development at the building that Kathleen's group successfully took over. While they relax in this building, they suddenly notice that the Meteora which they have encountered numerous times before is approaching the building. After Dr. Yoshinaga leaves Sensui and the others to handle the Meteora, the two divisions carry out their tasks. Together, the human warriors eventually manage to defeat the Meteora by throwing it off a building with the force of multiple explosions. Meanwhile, Yoshinaga just finishes the vaccine only to rush outside and see the aftermath.

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Dr. Yoshinaga appears shocked by the death of Meteora, but says moments later that both this being and himself are aliens. The plot twist feels like it comes out of nowhere, but in a bit of expositional dialogue, the doctor admits that Meteora was someone who became this monster after mistakenly ingesting an artificial fluid that both he and her father created. While Meteora was placed in a capsule while Yoshinaga tried to create a cure, an accident on the ship caused Meteora to crash down to Earth separately from him. In essence, this means that he is culpable for the Gibia outbreak. Yoshinaga believes Meteora was following them through a subconscious mental link that they shared.

Does Dr. Yoshinaga feel any remorse from the fact that he helped to create this disastrous situation? No. Instead, he becomes motivated by a desire for revenge. He explains that the whole purple behind his creating the vaccine was to cure Meteora, intending to at least give her the ability to think. It would have probably helped his situation if Dr. Yoshinaga created some excuse to keep Meteora alive prior to the fight, but now that it can't be undone, he intends to kill everybody there.

His first order of business is to turn Ayame into an upgraded Gibia, changing her into a monster that nearly wipes out all of the yakuza subordinates on its rampage. Even though they were fairly strong against the average Gibia, Ayame gives them a challenge as they get picked off one by one. The fact that Ayame's father lived through the battle is only thanks to a subordinate who sacrifices his life. At the very least, with Ayame being put to rest her father has the ability to help fend off the doctor in his new form.

While the yakuza members deal with Ayame, the doctor injects himself with a serum that allows him to change into a Gibia with his intelligence still intact. In his transformation, Dr. Yoshinaga maintains a somewhat human form like Meteora, on top of the increased physical abilities that one can expect. Although this alien has his upgraded form, it's uncertain whether or not that will allow for him to tip the scales since he rarely steps onto the battlefield in the show. The extent of his battle prowess is a mystery that will be answered with Gibiate's final episode.

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