Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Times Edward Let His True Feelings for Winry Show

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is heavy on worldly themes such as sacrifice, redemption, the horrors of war, genocide, the price of ambition and more. But all these dark themes are balanced with stories of hope, courage and love, and the heroes of Fullmetal Alchemist prove that humanity has a light side to match the dark. Just look at Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell.

Despite everything Ed has been through, he will never give up hope of a better world. His motivations were always centered around his family, including his younger brother Alphonse and their mother. However, Ed would eventually realize that his heart belonged to his childhood friend, Winry -- and these romantic feelings were made clear more than once.

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When Maes Teased Edward About Girlfriends In The Hospital

Early in the series, during Ed's hunt for the Philosopher's Stone, he got himself injured and ended up in the hospital. Winry paid a visit from the distant Resembool to see him, and the two quickly established their dynamic to the viewers with mutual teasing and some tsundere action on Ed's side. However, almost as a matchmaker for the audience, Maes Hughes then arrived and suggested that Winry was Ed's adoring girlfriend. Hearing Maes blurt that out caused Ed to react so strongly that his wounds opened back up, and he fainted.

When Edward Stopped Winry From Shooting Scar

ED CONVINCES WINRY NOT TO KILL SCAR In the twenty-second episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hiromu Arakawa pulls off something pretty damn great by crafting a moment that’s heartwarming, a tearjerker, and a moment of awesome all at once. When Winry overhears the Elric’s conversation with Scar and finds out the Ishvalan was the one who killed her parents, her heartbroken and frustrated reaction is gut-wrenching. In a state of complete disarray, she picks up a gun and points it at Scar, prompting Ed to shield her with his body to stop Scar’s incoming attack. Ed then comforts a sobbing Winry and tells her that her hands weren’t meant to take lives, but to save them, just as she saved him by giving him an arm and a leg. If that speech doesn’t get to you we don’t know what will.

Later in the series, Winry learned that her parents' killer -- the vengeful Ishvalan monk nicknamed Scar -- was on the loose. Winry seized a pistol and went after Scar in a fit of rage and grief, but when she came face to face with him, she hesitated. Scar warned Winry that if she fired at him, he would attack her, and this moment would decide if Winry was a killer at heart. Ed intervened, putting himself in between Winry and Scar, risking his life to shield her from her parents' killer and from making a life-changing decision.

Ed had many reasons to make this daring move, mainly to prevent Winry from falling victim to the endless and futile cycle of hatred and destruction. But he also did it out of love, gently reminding Winry that her hands are made for healing, not for harming others. Knowing what the act of becoming a killer would torment Winry, Ed did everything he could to convince her -- and ultimately, she realized he was right.

When Winry Modified Ed's Arm In Fort Briggs

winry edward fort briggs fma

Some of Ed and Winry's romantic scenes were quite serious, while others were classic shonen slapstick -- but that didn't make them any less touching. Halfway through the story, the Elric brothers visited the northern fortress of Briggs, and the bitterly cold temperatures affected Ed's automail. He only trusted Winry with his automail arm and leg, and he was secretly delighted when his childhood friend arrived.

Getting so intimately close to Winry reminded Ed of a chat he once had with Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye about the Ishval Civil War, ending with Hawkeye suggesting that Ed had romantic feelings toward this girl. A flustered Ed tried to distract himself by reciting the periodic table in a cold sweat, and Winry wondered how on earth she fell in love with him.

When Edward Promised To Return Home For An Apple Pie

winry rockbell fma

Father's grand plan was coming to fruition, and the Promised Day was right around the corner. As Ed left the Rockbell house with Greed/Ling and two chimeras, he promised Winry that he and Al would safely return home. Despite the horrible danger they were walking into, Ed had a confident smile on his face as he asked Winry to have one of her homemade apple pies waiting for them when they returned. Winry Rockbell, and the idyllic countryside life she represented, meant everything to Ed.

The power and prestige of becoming a state alchemist were never what Ed wanted. He didn't do it for the money or glory, but to help restore his and Al's humanity. Sharing a peaceful life back home with Winry meant more than any rank.

When Edward Made An Alchemy-Style Marriage Proposal

ed with winry train station

When the villainous Father finally went down, and Greed gave his life to help save the day, the survivors were left to pick up the pieces. Al had his body back, Edward had lost his alchemy and Van Hohenheim was dead -- but peace had returned to Amestris. In a touching epilogue scene, Ed met with Winry at the Resembool train station before departing, and he worked up the guts to ask an important question.

By referencing the Law of Equivalent Exchange, Ed asked Winry if he gave her half his life, if would she give him half of hers? It was a roundabout marriage proposal. Still, once Ed quit using silly alchemy talk, Winry said yes, and sure enough, a photograph proved that the two of them had a happy family together. They both earned it.

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