Fruits Basket: Yuki Confronts (and Forgives?) His Abuser

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fruits Basket Season 2, Episode 24, "Here You Are," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Fruits Basket Season 2 has reached its penultimate episode, which solidifies the overall arc of this year into just how much Yuki has grown. This is true in the opening scenes of the episode, which are shown from Machi's perspective and continue last week's development of Machi's feelings towards Yuki. Machi being essentially the type of person Yuki was at the start of the series makes Yuki's own growth all the more clear, and the fact Yuki's simple kindness is enough to brighten her whole outlook gives an optimistic opening to an episode that will soon turn really dark.

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The darkness involves the Sohmas' New Year banquet. Kyo, of course, isn't invited, and Rin refuses to attend, so those two and Tohru will stay with Kazuma during the party. Yuki, however, has decided to attend for the first time since he left Akito. The head of the family uses this rare meeting to speak to "forgive" Yuki for his disobedience.

This, of course, is just another sick way for Akito to victim-blame Yuki, so Yuki turns the tables and offers forgiveness in turn. This isn't a matter of making everything OK with an abuser, but a sign of Yuki's own strength. He's spent so much time thinking about how Akito, Kyo and his mom have caused problems in his life that he's at the point he's become tired of blame. He's been able to improve his life over the past two years by fixing his own internal issues, so him "forgiving" Akito is not about making amends with his abuser but instead choosing to move on.

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Moving on is the exact thing Akito does not want, so Akito responds violently, hitting Yuki in the face with a vase and demanding an apology. Yuki apologizes, but it's clear the rest of the family is sharing Yuki's feelings of being absolutely done with Akito. Among the small acts of resistance on this night: Ayame defends his brother, Momiji gives Kureno the DVD of "Cinderella-ish" and Hatsuharu makes time to visit Rin.

Well, there's one Sohma who seems to be on Akito's side based on the subtitles, but he's been the victim of a mistranslation. Crunchyroll's subtitles currently have Shigure saying "Akito should just teach them a lesson already," but the Japanese phrase has the exact opposite meaning. The issue seems to be simply mishearing omoishireba (to realize) as omoishirasereba (to make someone realize), so what Shigure's actually saying is Akito needs to learn a lesson. For reference, here's how the scene plays in the manga.

New episodes of Fruits Basket Season 2 premiere Mondays at 1:30 PM EDT on Crunchyroll.

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