Food Wars!: Soma’s Allies Take Down the [SPOILER]… For Good

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 5, Episode 13 for Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The world-famous BLUE tournament is underway, and the entire time, Asahi Saiba has been using it as a way to prove his worthiness of marrying Erina and saving Mana Nakiri from the storm. It's taking up all his attention. But while Asahi is preoccupied competing in the BLUE and commanding the elite Noir chefs around him, the rest of the Noir chefs are left vulnerable, creating the perfect opportunity for the series' hero chefs to take them on in the Food Wars! series finale.

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Totsuki's Council of Ten Alumni Return

Five of the members of the initial Council of Ten have since graduated from Totsuki; they were third-years when they competed against the rebel chefs in the Regiment de Cuisine battle. Since then, Soma and his friends have filled in the empty spots, but those Council alumni are still loyal to Totsuki and what it stands for. Although they have gone their separate ways, the dire threat of the Noir chefs was enough to bring them back for one last battle to keep Totsuki safe. Tsukasa Eishi took part in the BLUE along with Soma, while the other four graduates teamed up with the current Council's members.

Etsuya Eizan, the mafia-style member of the Council, decided to turn on his shady former allies and take them down, formulating a plan that involves Subaru Mimasaka scouting the Noir. From there, past and present Council members alike prepare their ambush, and Rindo Kobayashi and Tosuke Megishima made good on their opportunity. With Tsukasa Eishi grabbing all the attention at the Noir, Rindo later thanks him for acting like such a great decoy. Otherwise, taking the fight to them would have been much more difficult, even with Somei Saito and Momo Akanegakubo helping out. With all of Totsuki's best now walking side by side, it's time to settle the Noir problem once and for all.

Soma's Council Allies Deal Out Delicious Defeats

akira and ryo with dish

Subaru's infiltration of the Noir pinpointed each chef's location, and the united Totsuki task force assembles into teams and head out to their exact hiding places: steel shipping containers at the dock. Now is the time to strike, and Rindo and Tosuke unleash the full power of spicy red peppers on their Noir opponents in a heated blast from the past. During the Regiment de Cuisine, Rindo and Tosuke clashed to see who could make a better dish with this same ingredient, but now they're a united front, and the Noir chefs can't handle the sheer spice in the air, completely overwhelmed.

Somei Saito, the sushi expert, takes his turn and stuns everyone with his elite and authentic Japanese cooking. The few remaining Noir try to flee, only to face the tiny Momo Akanagakubo. Once again, Momo proves herself the master of sweets and unveils a delightful dish that resembles an array of roses. The Noir chefs are won over at once by the sweet and alluring fragrance, and as a final blow, Akira Hayama and Ryo Kurokiba (two new members of the Council) present their own dish. Their dish is an ultra-fragrant seafood plate that combines both boy's talents, bringing the Noir Chefs to their knees. All told, the operation is a total success, and the entire Noir underworld is wiped out in one afternoon of expert chef work. Now it's up to Erina and Soma to finish things elsewhere at the BLUE.

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