Flying Lotus Says Yasuke Anime Is ‘Just the Beginning’

Netflix's hit anime Yasuke is far from over.

Musician Flying Lotus, the composer and executive producer of Yasuke, tweeted that the anime's six-episode first season is "just the beginning." He confirmed that these episodes were intended to "serve as an introduction" to the anime's world and that there are "big plans" for Yasuke in the works.

Flying Lotus previously talked to CBR about Yasuke and his prior experiences writing music for anime, from Carole & Tuesday to Blade Runner Black Out 2022. He discussed how Yasuke evolves the connection between anime and hip-hop, what he hopes fans will take away from the series and the plot threads and characters that he hopes to see further explored in future seasons. In particular, Flying Lotus mentioned that he would like future seasons to answer some of the mysteries surrounding the singer Ichika.

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Netflix's Yasuke is a historical fiction, fantasy hybrid that follows the travels of African samurai Yasuke after the death of his daimyo, or lord, Oda Nobunaga in 16th-century Japan. The anime uses magic, robots and other fantastic tropes to heighten and speculate about the life of the mysterious historical figure.

The series is the brainchild of creator, director and executive producer LeSean Thomas, who previously worked on hit series like The Legend of Korra and The Boondocks. The series is produced by Japanese anime studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan: The Final Season), with anime veterans Satoshi Iwataki (Dororo, A Certain Magical Index, Seraph of the End) and Junichi Higashi (Kingdom, City Hunter, The Vision of Escaflowne) serving as chief animation director and art director, respectively.

Created by LeSean Thomas, Yasuke stars LaKeith Stanfield as Yasuke, Takehiro Hira as Nobunaga, Maya Tanida as Saki, Ming-Na Wen as Natsumaru, Paul Nakauchi as Morisuke, Darren Criss as Haruto, Julie Marcus as Nikita and William Christopher Stephens as Achoja. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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