Flume Sets Stage for Massive Year With Psychedelic “2022” Teaser Featuring Damon Albarn of Gorillaz

January has only just begun and Flume has already made the shortlist of most hotly anticipated collabs for 2022.

In a short clip simply titled "Flume - 2022," the famed Australian electronic music producer showcases a dreamy ambient track featuring an unmistakable voice: Damon Albarn of Gorillaz.

The visually pleasing graphic opens in a serene tropical landscape. As the camera zooms deeper, the rainforest seemingly sways aside to reveal a color-splashed cockatoo as lush synths and distorted hums resonate throughout. As the camera zooms into the lens of the bird, a psychedelic landscape of geometric shapes fills the scene to the sound of Albarn, who croons, "I thought beyond the exit, there would be palaces," before the clip fades to darkness.

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Flume Sets Stage for Massive Year With Psychedelic "2022" Teaser Featuring Damon Albarn of Gorillaz

Fans have been awaiting the release of this particular collaboration since Albarn first announced he'd connected with Flume in the studio back in 2019.

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Albarn first acknowledged he'd spent time with Flume in the studio way back in January 2019, though updates on this collaboration would be non-existent for the next couple years.

However, with Flume having dropped his first song in over a year back in August—his remix of Danny L Harle's "On A Mountain"—and his hotly anticipated third album expected sooner than later, it's looking likely his collab with Albarn is finally on deck for an official release.


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