Flume Is Sitting On an Album’s Worth of House Music

Flume is living the post-Palaces good life, enjoying the comedown of yet another critically acclaimed album release. He's hanging out with his dog, surfing as much as possible, and living off-grid in a house with its own solar panel and water tank, according to a recent interview with NME

Oh, and he's also sitting on "a full album's worth of house music" just waiting to be finished off, he revealed. Flume also implied that the unreleased cuts are leftovers from when he was developing the creative vision for Palaces.

"I mean I’ve got a full album’s worth of house music that’s just sitting there that I just need to finish off," Flume said. "I’ve got loads of demos, some of them have got strong parts for sure. Some of them are trash, most of them are trash, but there’s definitely some bits in there."

He's now reportedly in the U.K., where he'll be hitting the studio with, amongst others, Fred again... According to NME, this trip will be the "first stuff" he's worked on since Palaces, his third studio album.

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Flume Is Sitting On an Album's Worth of House Music

A studio session with Fred again.. is also on tap for the Grammy-winning electronic music producer.

Watch the full video interview below.


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