Flapjax x Shiah Maisel Release Killer, Future Bass Inspired Track, ‘Change Myself’


Whats up dance music fans? Today we have an incredible, future bass inspired banger from the talented Flapjax and Shiah Maisel. This record features a ton of game changing elements that can bring this track to the forefront of festival stages, bass tents, and overall dance music world. The record begins with some light up bringing lyrics, and totally drops into a fully commendably produced drop that throws kicks, creative sound designs, and of course a head banger of a rhythm all into one line. Not only are the drops perfect for this record but the break downs and creative song writing ability is apparent throughout the entirety of the track. We urge you to take a listen to this one, download it, and save it for future play as it will have complete replay value. Carry on!