Fire Force Teases a New Infernal as the Sixth Pillar’s Adolla Burst Awakens

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 15 of Fire Force, "A Three-Way Melee," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The burning battle for Adolla Bursts rages on in Fire Force as Nataku Son becomes the latest pyrokinetic to awaken the legendary flame. With the Special Fire Force already setting their sights on rescuing the young Sixth Pillar from Haijima Industries's cruel research facility, the situation complicates further when the Evangelist's White-Clad join the fray.

Shinra and Licht's infiltration by invitation tactic led them immediately into conflict with the sadistic Kurono, a pyrokinetic working with Haijima Industries renowned as the "Maddest" of all. Since Haijima is deeply invested in making discoveries regarding Adolla Bursts, they're closely monitoring Shinra's fight with Kurono. However, once it becomes known that Nataku's Adolla Burst has awoken, the mock battle is called off, with Shinra and Kurono aiming to reach the young boy first.

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The Puppeteer's Dominion

Licht notifies the rest of Company 8, who use Matchbox to barrel through Haijima's barricades before being stopped by a seemingly innocuous doll, which tosses the truck into the air with ease. The doll, or a Dominion, is a robot controlled by an unnamed pyrokinetic we previously saw looking after the orphans kept as test subjects within Haijima. While Captain Obi leads the rest of the team to find Shinra and Licht, Maki and Vulcan stay back for a mech-on-mech battle royale.

Vulcan is the 8th's engineer and resident mech-head, so his intense grudge against Haijima is fueled further when the puppeteer challenges his creations. However, the puppeteer's Dominion proves increasingly tricky as Maki fights using the Sputter and Flare powered Tekkyo. Despite the puppeteer's confident calculations, Maki blows past her perceived limits to crush the Dominion. Unfortunately, the victory is short-lived as a squad of new Dominions is summoned.

Nataku's Visions of Rekka

Meanwhile, Nataku continues to struggle with lingering visions of Rekka, who relentlessly tries to push the boy to get "fired up." Kurono is the first to reach Nataku, with Shinra and the rest of Company 8 not far behind as they confront the Haijima man, but we quickly see that the White-Clad are looming on the rooftops above. Thanks to Inca's predictive ability, they were immediately able to locate the new Adolla Burst user.

The Evangelist's team makes their move with Charon, Inca and Ritsu focusing on one group and Haumea and Arrow on the other. While Inca and Ritsu -- Inca's White-Clad guardian -- remain on the roof, monitoring the situation as Charon jumps right into a fight with Kurono and separates him from Nataku. Simultaneously, Haumea's electrical pyrokinetic ability destroys all of the puppeteer's Dominions, but she summons a final dauntingly massive mech.

The Appearance of a New Infernal

Things appear to only get worse for the traumatized Nataku with the preview for the next episode teasing Ritsu's mysterious power and the debut of yet another sizable Infernal. With Rekka's voice still ringing through Nataku's head and a dangerous new Infernal appearing, the fight for the Sixth Pillar continues to heat up.

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