Fire Force Reveals the Sixth Pillar as Licht Falls Into a Deadly Trap

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 13 of Fire Force, "A Pair of One-Eyes," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

From Haumea to the Evangelist, Fire Force has plenty of mysterious characters throughout the Tokyo Empire. That list includes Company 8's Viktor Licht, who joined the team from Haijima Industries, and they've just revealed why  let one of their star scientists join the Special Fire Force. However, with Licht's research beginning to uncover more secrets, Haijima is willing to do anything to protect their assets, including the newly identified Sixth Pillar.

Before joining Company 8, Licht was the head of Incendiary Research at Haijima Industries, a massive organization with significant influence over the Special Fire Force. Where his loyalty lies is often unclear, but Licht remains resolute in his search for the "right answers," even happy to team up with Joker to hunt them down. Licht isn't the only one to find value in Joker's methods of gaining information either, with Company 7's captain, Benimaru Shinmon, joining the enigmatic antihero in a fruitful investigation of the Holy Sol Temple.

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Imposter Raffles I Is Revealed as Yona (Serving the Evangelist)

At Company 8's headquarters, Konro visits to inform them of Benimaru and Jokers' findings, namely a notebook belonging to the wife of Raffles I, founder of the Holy Sol Temple, that implies an imposter took his place when creating the religion. Since the religious group is likely unaware of the deceit, Captain Obi indicates that their focus should shift towards Haijima Industries.

Unfortunately, Haijima is involved in most industries in the country, including the Fire Force, with about 70% of the entire population working for Haijima-related organizations. As Obi considers how to begin their inquest into Haijima, Shinra suggests asking Licht due to his past with the company, but he's already been summoned by Haijima because of his report on the Chinese Peninsula.

The Sixth Pillar/Nataku Is Bitten By Rekka's Infernal Bug

Within Haijima, a group of scientists discusses their current projects and refer to their human test subjects as "models" that should be scrapped. However, they single out Nataku Son as the only prospect worth their time. Nataku is the young boy who, in season 1, Rekka Hoshimiya used an infernal bug on to rouse his pyrokinetic abilities. Though not explicitly said, since Nataku survived being bitten by the bug, it's incredibly probable that he'll awaken an Adolla Burst to become the Sixth Pillar.

Licht & Captain Hibana at Haijima Industries

When Licht arrives at Haijima, he encounters Captain Hibana, who warns the scientist that the information he included in his report is dangerous and could make him a target. She's also surprised, assuming that Licht was a "Haijima dog," but his bold decision to go against the company says otherwise. Hibana wonders what he's after but judging by his smirk, a meeting with Haijima's president may be what Licht was hoping for.

During their meeting, Guero -- Haijima's president -- reminds Licht that he is their spy on the inside of Company 8 and keep an eye on Shinra, which Licht acknowledges. Two other employees present criticize Licht's report, claiming that even if the Chinese Peninsula's Tabernacle uses a person possessing an Adolla Burst as its fuel source, it's baseless to accuse their Amaterasu of having the same. They also take issue with Licht drawing a link between this potential power source and Haijima's research in developing pyrokinesis in orphans.

Haijima President Guero Plots Against Licht

Despite their complaints, Guero tells Licht that he wants him to bring Shinra into the lab. Licht departs after accepting the task, leaving the three Haijima members to discuss. They all admit that Licht is getting too bold and could be a risk to the company, with Guero deciding they will kill him after delivering Shinra.

The danger of Haijima Industries is not new to Shinra and his friends, with former Company 3 captain, Giovanni, having strong ties to the organization. With Haijima's Sixth Pillar soon to enter the fray, the growing conflict between the Fire Force and the Evangelist looks set to continue heating up.

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