Fena: Pirate Princess – Who Are the Magnificent Seven?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of Fena: Pirate Princess, now available on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim.

In the series premiere of Fena: Pirate Princess, the titular white-haired maiden is snuck off an island by two old men, Salman and Otto. They're friends of her father Franz and loyalists to the now-defunct Houtman Royal Family. Thankfully, their heroics save Fena from being turned into a prostitute, but little does she know seven mysterious soldiers actually helped clear the field for them. As they all eventually meet up in Episode 2, let's break down exactly who these warriors are.

Yukimaru: Childhood Friend, Stoic Bodyguard

Yukimaru appears in Fena: Pirate Princess' opening sequence, where Fena is shipped off after her father's boat came under attack years ago. He was her best friend but now, he's turned into a long-haired killer. Yukimaru slew a bunch of thugs who tried to assault Fena, Salman and Otto as they escaped, but he also knocked her out as she talks too much. It turns out he's not the kind kid who shared a warm bond with her anymore, and he doesn't reciprocate her crush. His master, Yukihisa, has left him in charge of using Fena to find Eden, a place her father left to her, so he's all about business.

Shitan: Expert Archer

Shitan is another long-haired warrior who masked up and became a mix of samurai and ninja. We didn't see him in battle but on Yukihisa's island, he's spotted as an expert with the bow and arrow. He teaches Fena to shoot, and seems to be tempered to her excitement more than Yukimaru. It hints at a love triangle as Yukimaru has gone cold due to war, but Shitan's more accommodating since his humanity has been kept more intact.

Karin: Keeping the Boys in Check


Karin's an engineer and the first friend Fena makes on Yukihisa's base in Fena: Pirate Princess. She's like Yukimaru -- a short fuse with no patience for stupidity -- but she gets hyped when talking about science and is eager to show Fena how things are built. The gun-woman is seen lashing out at the boys, though, and has seemingly become a tomboy to toughen up as the only girl in the group. The series hints that Fena will help Karin unlock more of her feminine side as they ship off to find Eden.

Makaba: The Gentle Giant

One person Karin is impressed with is the team's builder, Makaba. He forges machinery but also builds the weapons they use from armor to swords to bows and arrows. Shitan also adores his handiwork and craftsmanship, with almost everyone respecting how composed Makaba is. Fena thinks of the bomb thrower as a gentle giant and with his seniority, he might be the one who keeps the team calm under pressure -- even with Yukimaru as a designated leader.

Tsubaki: The Underappreciated Cook

Tsubaki is more boisterous than anyone in Fena: Pirate Princess, but it's because he has a passion for cooking. He's found teaching Fena in the kitchen as he considers food creation an art. However, he reams Shitan who thinks he has a poor palette and doesn't know how elegance connects to the culinary world. Makaba, who's got the biggest appetite of the group, is Tsubaki's biggest fan. Thus, he doesn't take the cook for granted or insult him as the rest do.

Kaede and Enju: The Twin Delinquents

Kaede and Enju are the spear-wielding twins who're found slaughtering soldiers to help Otto and Salman escape with Fena. They're delinquents, however, and tend to be immature and annoying, especially to Karin. They also piss off Tsubaki by not treating his food with respect, but amid all this turmoil, the crew respects them for being efficient and lightning-fast assassins in the field. So while they're mostly comedy relief, they do add to a killer instinct to this death squad. Additionally, they have a crush on Fena and will compete for her attention.

Fena: Pirate Princess airs Sundays on Adult Swim and premieres the next day on Crunchyroll.

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