Fena: Pirate Princess – Fena Has a Mysterious Connection to Joan of Arc

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 4, "The Mystery of the Stone," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim.

The plot thickens in Episode 4 of Fena: Pirate Princess. After getting a lead on the stone, Fena and her crew set sail for Germany in the hope that it might get them closer to their destination, Eden. Although they discover who created the stone and when they did, it leaves them with more questions than answers. However, Fena is now one step closer to unraveling her true identity, which apparently has ties to a famous historical figure: Joan of Arc.

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Fena veers into fantasy territory in the first few minutes of the episode. Fena has a strange dream where she's in a largely empty field save for a few stray weeds, the sky stretched out before her. White petals swirl around as she stands at a dramatic angle. What sounds like a hundred voices talking at once ask Fena a question: "Which wilt thou choose? Blue water or storm clouds?" Before Fena can make sense of their question, she disappears in a flurry of white petals and then abruptly wakes up.

Since getting reprimanded by Yukimaru, Fena is determined to train so she can be a reliable part of the crew. Initially, the Samurai Seven are reluctant to help Fena, but seeing how enthusiastic and determined she is, they eventually all participate in her training -- even Yukimaru, who was against it in the beginning, helps in his own way. However, this proves to be a trying endeavor, as Fena can't seem to find a weapon that suits her.

They eventually arrive in Dresden, where the stone was crafted. There, a woman named Arya takes them to her grandfather, the Burgermeister, who might be able to help them figure out the stone's origins. Arya takes a particular interest in Yukimaru, much to Fena's consternation, although Arya is just as interested in Yukimaru's sword-honing skills; the Burgermeister has a cherished knife that needs some sharpening.

As thanks, the Burgermeister examines the stone for them. It was made in Libar-Oberstein and, due to the village's meticulous system, he's able to track down who commissioned it and when it was produced. He finds the client's name and his eyes widen: it's La Pucelle d'OrlĂ©ans -- in other words, Joan of Arc herself. Things get stranger when it's discovered that Joan of Arc had brought the stone in from France and it was produced in 1436... five years after she was burned at the stake.

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They all return to the ship without much of a clear destination in mind. But something is bothering Fena ever since she left Libar-Oberstein: the name la Pucelle. She is familiar with the name -- it's one she often heard as a child, but she isn't sure whether it was someone else's name or her own nickname.

The episode ends with a short scene of Abel standing across from a beautiful painting of a woman who looks shockingly similar to Fena, wearing the same necklace that both Fena and Abel have. His hands stretch out to the painting and clench into fists as he calls the woman la Pucelle. His introspections are interrupted when Cody informs him that the Samurai Seven have set out, and he hides the painting again.

Evidently, Abel and Fena are connected through the name la Pucelle. Historically, la Pucelle was a name circulated among the masses concerning a prophecy that foretold a maid would be the one to save France. In that case, Fena's role might be much more significant than simply finding a place entrusted to her by her father. Abel's obsession with Fena and la Pucelle could be due to a number of reasons: Fena could be a reincarnation, although that might not be likely due to the mythology of the story being more Westernized; she could be a replacement, or Fena and Abel could be descendants of Joan of Arc where the title has been passed down the line.

Fena's dream further strengthens her linkage to Joan of Arc. Joan had said that she received visions from the angels. If Fena is meant to save the world, her dream foreshadows that she'll have to make a difficult choice. Since Fena doesn't seem to have an affinity for any weaponry, her strength may lie in something more abstract and spiritual. Fena: Pirate Princess is certainly ramping up the stakes and mystery, and we'll have to wait until the next episode to see where our samurai-pirate crew is headed next.

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