Fate Grand/Order Finale Movie Summons New Trailer

A new trailer for the elaborately titled Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity -The Temple of Time: Solomon has been released, giving FGO fans the chance to see their favorite servants in action without having to spend hundreds of dollars in gacha pulls.

Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity -The Temple of Time serves as the finale to the first story arc from the popular Fate/Grand Order mobile game. The Fate franchise has made a billion-dollar business out of reimagining historical and mythological figures as cute anime boys and girls, and the new trailer knows exactly how to pull in its audience, with appearances by Jeanne D'Arc, Alexander, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikolai Tesla and fan-favorite Mash Kyrielight, complete with her giant shield. The movie will feature protagonists Ritsuka and Mash's final confrontation with the white-haired Solomon. The movie is directed by Toshifumi Akai and will once again by animated by Wonder Egg Priority studio Cloverworks.

Fate/Grand Order is just one branch of the massive shared universe that game developer TYPE-MOON has created. The company got its start with games such as Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night, which was later adapted into a multiple anime series that have evolved into one of the largest, most complex and most profitable anime franchises in the world. The Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia anime TV series aired last year, and the latest movie in the Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel trilogy was recently given a second theatrical run in the United States.

Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity -The Temple of Time: Solomon premiered in Japan on July 30, which was also the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. While details regarding an international release have yet to be revealed, previous entries in the series were localized and released in North America by Funimation.

Source: YouTube

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