Fairy Tail: Gray Vs. Kagura – Which Mage Would Win?

Many powerful wizards exist in the world of Fairy Tail, and they use just about every kind of magic imaginable, from conjuring ice to controlling water or using fire and even plant life. The Fairy Tail guild employs some of the most powerful wizards in all of Fiore, from the mighty Gildarts Clive to the swordswoman Erza Scarlet. But don't forget Gray Fullbuster, who can create ice with his magic.

Gray is an Ice Make wizard, like his fellow student Lyon Vastia, and he obtained the power of Ice Devil Slayer magic from his father, Silver. But could he take on the mightiest wizard of the Mermaid Heel guild, Kagura Mikazuchi? She rivals Erza in strength, meaning Gray can afford to hold nothing back.

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Gray Fullbuster's Powers & Skills as an Ice Make Wizard

gray ice devil slayer

Gray Fullbuster has proven himself in combat many times against just about every foe imaginable, from Juvia Lockser of the Phantom Lord guild to the Spriggan 12 and the demons of the Tartaros dark guild, not to mention his own guildmates when Laxus tried to turn the guild against itself to weed out the weak. Gray learned the ways of Ice Make magic from his mentor, Ur, and he has continued to practice his craft ever since, finding creative ways to use magical ice formations to trap or damage his enemies while enhancing his own mobility and protecting his allies.

During the battle against Tartaros, Gray faced his undead father Silver, and obtained the incredible power of Ice Devil Slayer magic, a terrifying power that greatly augments Gray's abilities and can coat the entire battlefield with strange, lavender-colored ice with ease. In Ice Devil Slayer mode, Gray can conjure and fire a powerful bow and arrow, create a sword, create ice with his mouth and freeze his enemies solid. This power was enough to rival Natsu Dragneel in his E.N.D. form.

With his Ice Make magic, Gray can do just about anything. He can create shields and walls out of ice to block enemy attacks, or he can coat the floor in ice to make his enemies slip and lose their footing. Gray can go on the offensive with an ice bazooka, ice spears and swords and much more, even capable of making ice cages to trap his enemies. When partnered with Juvia, the pair can perform Unison Raids, combining ice and water to devastate the opponent. Gray can also create ice clones to act as decoys.

Kagura Mikazuchi's Powers & Skills With Her Blade, Archenemy

Kagura Mikazuchi is an expert with her sword, named Archenemy. Ordinarily, Kagura keeps it sheathed, but even then, her combat power is great enough to give Erza and Minerva Orland a serious fight, and she easily defeated Yukino during the Grand Magic Games tournament in Crocus. If Kagura does unsheathe her sword, then destruction and devastation will surely follow. What is more, Kagura has speed, strength, agility and endurance to rival Erza's own, though she lacks Erza's distinct armor suits. Instead, Kagura wears ordinary clothes, including boots and gloves.

Kagura isn't just a sword user -- she can also control gravity with her magic, either to make her enemy crushingly heavy, or so light that they float in the air, exposed and vulnerable as Kagura moves in to finish them off. But that's still not all Kagura can do. She also has great skill in unarmed combat, where she shows incredible grit, refusing to go down even in the face of serious odds. And it's no ordinary enemy who can push Kagura that far.

Gray Vs. Kagura - Who Would Win?

Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail

In a fight, Kagura has the advantage to begin with. She is quick and agile, and Gray's ice-based attacks are too slow and direct to hit her. Gray can make a variety of weapons with his magic, but Kagura has the skills to dodge every one and still get in close to deliver a counterattack with a sheathed Archenemy. Gray would likely struggle to throw up icy barriers and ice clones to slow Kagura down and buy himself some time. Though, even forming an ice trap around Kagura to contain her wouldn't work for long, since her physical strength would be enough to break free and keep attacking. Whenever she decides to throw gravity magic into the mix, Gray will be in even more trouble.

Kagura would likely push Gray to use his Ice Devil Slayer magic, which would change everything. Gray's powers increase considerably, allowing him to launch bigger, more powerful attacks that would put Kagura on the defensive. Gray's attacks can't finish Kagura off, but they would buy him enough time to prepare a Freeze technique that would envelop the entire battlefield in near-indestructible ice, which would catch Kagura sooner or later.

Once it does, she'd be trapped, frozen solid and unable to draw Archenemy to unleash her full power. Gray could either walk away the victor, or get in close to Kagura, unfreeze her and launch his final attack up close. If he has the strength to rival Natsu's E.N.D. form while using Ice Devil Slayer magic, he can handle Kagura up close, too.

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