Explore “My Dark Place” with Denae

Denae is known for her unmatched talents to explore the unspeakable. As her music talks about the dark realities of mental health, Denae has found herself speaking volumes to the masses.

As she carefully transmits her emotions into lyrics and lyrics into songs, the artist is known for her hard-hitting words. With biting electronic tunes and quick lyrics, this singer and songwriter is definitely one to keep your eye out on.

The pop and rap artist has met significant success with her past releases such as “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” With over 5 million Spotify streams and a new EP titled “My Dark Place,” the artist is making waves through the genre’s styles. The album boasts five tracks, all of which perfectly convey our emotions and feelings. Her talent to speak what we are all thinking has set her apart from her peers.

The tracks effortlessly contain hues of instrumental displays, which make them all the more climatic and striking. With tracks such as “Cold Blood” and “Sirens,” Denae has hit a nerve with us all.

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