EXCLUSIVE: New Tokyo Revengers Chapters Only Available on INKR.com

New chapters of Tokyo Revengers will be now be distributed through the INKR service.

INKR, a digital comic website and app platform, has announced that it has partnered with Kodansha to bring over 20 of the publishers' manga titles to its service. Notably, the immensely popular time-traveling thriller series, Tokyo Revengers, will now release new digital chapters of the series through the service's site and dedicated iOS and Android apps. INKR offers a selection of chapters for various series for free, but users can purchase an all-access subscription for $4.99 a month. Readers can also purchase individual chapters using coins, the company's in-app currency. Individual digital chapters of Tokyo Revengers will only be available for purchase exclusively through INKR.



Other Kodansha titles now available on INKR include Atsushi Okubo's Fire Force, Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima and Chuya Koyama's Space Brothers.

"We are absolutely excited with the opportunity to deliver to our readers and fans the most affordable way to read the latest issues of Tokyo Revengers, as well as an extended library of amazing content from Kodansha. Its massive popularity - in part to the success of its ongoing anime series - have given fans an insatiable appetite for more content that we hope to deliver to them on the regular with the manga," said Hieu Tran, INKR's co-founder and head of operations.

In addition to Kodansha, INKR has partnered with a number of other comic book and manga publishers from around the world, including Image Comics, Kuaikan and Tokyo Pop. Its service hosts over 10,000 legally distributed chapters of Western comics, Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Chinese manhua. The service originally launched in October 2020, and in July of 2021, the company boasted that its average monthly readership had already grown by 200%.

Originally created by Ken Wakui in 2017, Tokyo Revengers tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a middle-aged loser who is stuck with a dead-end job and a run-down apartment. Takemichi's sad life takes a turn for the worse when he discovers that the only girl he ever loved, his middle school girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, has been murdered by the violent Tokyo Manji Gang. However, Takemichi gets a chance to fix everything after he is pushed in front of an on-coming training and inexplicably wakes up in his teenage body, 12 years in the past.

Tokyo Revengers is one the biggest manga hits to come out of Japan in recent years, with over 40 million copies in circulation. The manga has been adapted into both an anime series and a live-action movie, the former of which is available for streaming through Crunchyroll.

Source: INKR

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