EXCLUSIVE: Marvel’s Hawkeye Faces the X-Men’s Wrath in Avengers #60

Marvel Comics provided CBR with an exclusive reveal of the cover and solicitation information for Avengers #60, by writer Mark Russell and artist Greg Land.

You can see the cover for Avengers #60 below, which is by Javier Garrón. The image shows Natasha Romanoff and with her hands around Clint Barton/Hawkeye's head, seemingly about to snap his neck. The coloring of their eyes indicates that they're being possessed by a powerful psychic. The solicitation information, for its part, teases Hawkeye having to justify his existence in a world filled with people who have actual superpowers.






The Avengers’ ace archer is back! As Judgment Day looms, Hawkeye is called upon to justify his existence. As a benchmark, Hawkeye must prove that he brings at least as much joy and usefulness to the world as a randomly chosen mailbox, which, admittedly, is a pretty high bar. Avengers #60 is a tie-in to the upcoming Judgment Day crossover, which will pit the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals against each other. The plot synopsis for Judgment Day reveals the Eternals will discover mutants are related to their old enemies, the Deviants. In response to that revelation, the Eternals will attack the mutant island nation of Krakoa, with the Avengers caught between the two groups. The ensuring battle will have major ramifications for all involved and marketing materials for Judgment Day have described the event as "potentially apocalyptic." Judgment Day will be written by Kieron Gillen (Eternals) and illustrated by Valerio Schiti (Empyre). Marte Gracia (Planet Size X-Men) will color the title.

Speaking about Avengers #60, Russell said, "Any day you get to play in the Marvel sandbox is a good day, but I have such respect for Kieron Gillen's work and his vision that getting to write an issue for this event was really special. As this is essentially a story about moral judgment, I wanted to write a Hawkeye story because I thought he would push back a little on the idea that anyone had a right to judge him, but at the same time force him to think a little more seriously about what he's doing here on the planet. Which I suppose we all should do from time to time."

Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Barton first appeared in 1964's Tales of Suspense #57. An expert marksman, Barton was originally a villain. However, he soon reformed and has since remained a prominent hero in the Marvel Universe, serving on such teams as the Avengers and West Coast Avengers.

Judgment Day begins on June 29 with A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1, which is a prelude issue from Gillen and artist Pasqual Ferry. The main Judgment Day book launches in July and will run for six issues.

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