EXCLUSIVE: Haslab Reveals Transformers Victory Saber Tier 3 Stretch Goal

The crowdfunding campaign to produce a fully featured Victory Saber figure from Transformers has met its minimum goal, meaning that the multi-stage combiner will soon be headed to fans' collections, but HasLab has decided to sweeten the deal further by revealing the figure's Tier 3 stretch goal rewards.

Victory Saber has achieved the minimum 11,000 preorders it needed to enter production. The new figure includes all of the separate robots who are required to form Transformers: Victory's famous galactic swordsman, including Victory Leo and Star Saber, but if the HasLab campaign manages to hit its new Tier 3 goal of 20,000 preorders, the already elaborate Transformer will be joined by his fellow Galactic Defense Force heroes, the Micromasters Holi and Fire. The Tier 3 rewards also include Victory Saber's iconic V-Shield, which will be used in the figure's new Base Mode alt-form, which recreates the alt-mode of the original Japanese toy.





The crowdfunding campaign is currently at just over 12,000 backers. In addition to the new Tier 3 rewards, a set of V-Lock cannons and blast effects will be added to the figure when the campaign achieves its Tier 1 goal of 14,000 preorders, and Tier 2's deluxe display stand featuring the Transformers: Victory logo will be unlocked at 17,000 backers. Transformers fans and collectors have until Oct. 10 to preorder the figure and potentially unlock all of its additional accessories. The figure and its potential stretch goal rewards are currently available for $179.99, with a limit of 5 preorders per customer.

The new figure of Victory Saber will be HasLab's first figure of an anime-exclusive character. Victory Saber is formed from the combination of the Autobot warrior Victory Leo and the courageous swordsman Star Saber. The new HasLab figure will recreate every original robot and combination required to ultimately create Victory Saber, which means it will also include Hasbro's first Brainmaster. It will also be the first Star Saber figure to be produced outside of the Masterpiece line since 1989. The various robots who have to combine to create Victory Saber will retain some of the gimmicks of their original figures, such as Saber's head only appearing when the Brainmaster of Courage is inserted into its chest. The figures will also be equipped with new "butterfly joints," which HasLab says will allow for more posable robots.

Source: HasLab

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