Excision Launching New Record Label “SUBSIDIA” With 3 Epic Compilations

It’s been a while since Excision’s last label, Rottun, made any real moves. But now, the producer often referred to as a dubstep king or something similar is keen on reclaiming his throne with a brand new 3-tier label called Subsidia.

Subsidia is a multi-sound bass music label with subsections created for the different vibes and genres within Bass Music. To reflect this diversity, the new label will launch with three distinct compilation albums totaling 117 tracks combined: Dusk, Night and Dawn. Night will feature only the heaviest of bangers, while Dusk will be home to the wonkier and wobblier sounds of experimental bass, and Dawn will bring out the melodic, lyrical and emotional side of bass.

Visually, Subsidia is a “futuristic city inhabited by those who have chosen to be free. While the rest of society has sheltered into a simulated world where all of their wants and needs are met, Subsidians create their own experiences here in the real world. And they all love Bass.”

The compilations will officially release at 12:00am EST on Monday, Sept. 28th. Get ready!


Photo via Fadewood Studios