Every Miraculous Holder Introduced in Miraculous Ladybug

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for all current episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Long gone are the days in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir where it was just the two defending the city from Hawk Moth. Here is a look at every Miraculous holder with Season 4 wrapped up.

Alya Césaire

Alya is the current possessor of the Fox Miraculous. As hero Rena Rouge, Alya has increased speed and strength, as well as a fox's scent of smell, hearing, stealth and excellent night vision. Her most impressive skill is her extreme agility, which allows her to jump higher than either Ladybug or Cat Noir. Rena uses her flute as a projectile physical weapon as well as to block attacks. Her power Mirage occurs when Rena plays the flute to cause a sphere of energy to bloom at the end. The sphere creates a vision for the victim when thrown but dissipates at a touch, and Rena must revert to her normal state just a few moments after using Mirage. At the moment, Alya is disguised as Rena Furtive to protect her family.

Jessica Keynes

Jessica is the current possessor of the Eagle Miraculous. When transformed into Eagle, she also has enhanced strength, speed and agility. She is nearly invulnerable and can use the power Liberation to free herself from mental restrictions such as fear or even personal ethics, making it a dangerous ability. She supplements her powers with Bullroarer, an airfoil that acts very similarly to Ladybug's yo-yo.

Gabriel Agreste

Gabriel is the current possessor of the Butterfly Miraculous. He also currently possesses the Peacock Miraculous, which enables him to become Shadow Moth. The Butterfly Miraculous grants Gabriel the power of Akumatization, allowing him to release a black Akuma that grants a person powers. He can telepathically communicate with the Akumatized victim and revoke their power if they fail to adhere to his wishes.

Nathalie Sancoeur

Gabriel sometimes loans the Peacock Miraculous to Nathalie, who transforms into Mayura. Nathalie can use Amokization, which summons a Sentimonster. Like the Akuma, a feather is turned into an amok and sent to the intended victim. The Sentimonster obeys whoever controls the amok, but Nathalie has ultimate control if she wishes the Sentimonster destroyed.

Nino Lahiffe

The Turtle Miraculous is in the Chinese Miracle Box in Marinette's possession, but is loaned out to Nino on occasion so he can transform into Carapace. Carapace has the usual enhanced skills of speed and strength, and is also nearly invulnerable to physical damage. However, he does not have the agility to match other Miraculous holders and often relies on others for long-distance travel. He carries a shield that can also be used as a projectile weapon. His power Shell-ter uses his shield to create a barrier around himself and his allies. Like Alya, Nino must revert to his usual form moments after activating Shell-ter.

Zoé Lee

The Bee Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but lent to Zoé for difficult missions. With it, Zoé transforms into Vesperia. Vesperia has the usual super speed and strength, but also possesses Spinning Top, which can be used to communicate with other Miraculous holders as well as be used as a weapon. Her ability Venom can immediately immobilize her opponent, though she too only has a few moments before she must return to her true form after using it.

Mylène Haprèle

The Mouse Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but is given to Mylène as needed. As hero Polymouse, Mylène has enhanced speed, strength, stamina and agility. She uses her Jump Rope much like Ladybug's yo-yo to restrain her target. Her special ability Multitude allows Mylène to shrink and clone herself numerous times without a known limit. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of questions about the abilities of the Mouse Miraculous.

Kagami Tsurugi

The Dragon Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but Marinette loans it out to Kagami to transform into hero Ryuko. Ryuko has all the standard enhanced skills -- particularly speed -- but also has near invulnerability as well as an enhancement to her natural sword skills. She uses the sword as her weapon and has the ability to turn into water, wind or lightning. Kagami must return to her normal state after using all three elements.

Luka Couffaine

The Snake Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but is given to Luka so he may transform into Viperion. Along with super speed and strength, he also has near invulnerability and a snake's sense of hearing, smell and even infrared vision. Luka uses a Lyre as a weapon, which distracts enemies and can bind their hands if in close proximity. Luka's power Second Chance allows him to slide back in time for small intervals.

Max Kanté

The Horse Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but Marinette gives it to Max for difficult missions. With the Miraculous, Max becomes Pegasus, whose enhanced skills of speed, strength and agility outmatch many of the others. He is also nearly invulnerable. His weapon Horseshoe can be used as a boomerang, and his ability Voyage gives him the power to open portals to any destination he desires.

Kim Lê Chiến

Kim also has his Miraculous loaned to him from Marinette out of the Chinese Miracle Box. With the Monkey Miraculous, he becomes King Monkey. King Monkey is like many of the others with enhanced speed, strength, agility and speed, as well as near invulnerability. Kim uses a staff as a weapon with the power Uproar, which makes a toy appear that causes anyone who touches it to lose control over their powers for a short time.

Rose Lavillant

The Pig Miraculous is currently in the Chinese Miracle Box, but is given to Rose when the occasion calls for it. Rose transforms into Pigella, with enhanced speed and agility. Her tambourine is her main weapon, which bounces back attacks such as energy beams and projectiles. Her power Gift conjures up a magical box that reveals her target's greatest wish.

The addition of so many Miraculous Holders has raised the stakes tremendously for Marinette, Adrian and Hawk Moth. With more Miraculous still unused in the Chinese Miracle Box, there are many heroes still to be revealed and many secrets left to uncover.

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