Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka Release Date, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

Eureka Seven was one of studio Bones' first and biggest hits when it debuted in the mid-2000s. Combining mecha with hard science fiction set years after humanity made the voyage into space, the series gained numerous fans for its art style, animation and creative storytelling.

Since then, the franchise has expanded into manga, novels, video games and films which either continue, build off of or completely re-imagine the events of the anime. One example of the latter is the film trilogy Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution. Set before and telling an altered version of the events of the Eureka Seven anime, the Hi-Evolution trilogy is soon to end with its third and final film. Here's a look into how the plot of the long-delayed movie ties into the franchise, as well as who's working on it and when it finally comes out.

The Plot of Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3

The Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution movie trilogy is set before and during the events of the beginning of the anime series, with Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka being the finale that brings things closer to the show's chronology than ever before. The first film in the trilogy was set around 10 years before the show, though the third entry's ending will be somewhat independent of the anime's. The first movie also finally showed many events only hinted at in the anime series, while the second film in the trilogy, Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution, was set in an alternate universe that leads into Hi-Evolution 3.

The plot of the movie is set in a dystopian future, long after humanity has fled an uninhabitable Earth. Now, humans live in a world called Kanan. Set after the second film, in which reality became combined with a virtual world, the movie follows an older Eureka who works in the military without her powers. As danger rises in this new reality, she fights to protect a mysterious girl who looks just like her younger self and who has the power to connect to the alien Scub Coral.

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 Trailer

Several teaser trailers have been released for the movie, with the most recent one showing off the crisp visuals and giving a glimpse at the exciting mecha action of the story. Also seen are the movie's older versions of Eureka and other characters. Unfortunately, none of these trailers are subtitled, so English speakers looking for a more definitive explanation of the movie's events will be left in the dark.

News to Know About Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3

eureka seven hi-evolution 3

The staff of Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka includes director Tomoki Kyōda, who worked on the second part of the trilogy, with Yūichi Nomura and Kyōda working as scriptwriters. Ken’ichi Yoshida is the original character designer, while Masashi Okumura is the character designer and animation director.

The announced voice cast includes Kaori Nazuka as Eureka, Rina Endō as Iris McKenzie, Ami Koshimizu as Anemone Fūka Ishī, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Holland Novak, Michiko Neya as Talho Novak, Jūrōta Kosugi as Charles Beams, and Aya Hisakawa as Ray Beams.

Release Date for Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3

The movie was meant to come out back in 2019, but it's since been heavily delayed from this initial release window. The next tentative release date was meant to be early in the Summer of this year, but that obviously didn't happen, either. Instead, the current scheduled released date is set for November 26th, though this is the release for Japanese theaters. There's no word yet on a dub or simulcast, though, so only those in Japan will be able to experience the trilogy's exciting ending on this date.

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