Eric Prydz Announces Exclusive VR Concert Series With Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy has added another exciting talent acquisition to their stacked offering of artist residencies.

The one and only Eric Prydz will join the Sensorium VR experience and is slated to perform on the platform's virtual PRISM venue when it goes public later this year. Hype continues to build for the inevitable launch with a stellar lineup of artists including David Guetta, Carl Cox, Black Coffee, and Armin van Buuren.

“I believe metaverses are taking digital events to the next stage, which is one of the main elements that has drawn me to this project," Prydz said in a statement shared with "Working with cutting edge technology to deliver special performances has always been mine and my team's goal, but to now take what we do in a physical space into a digital environment, creating endless possibilities, is so exciting!" 

In the video's description, Sensorium notes that Prydz is joining a forthcoming class of artists they plan to introduce called “The Chosen Ones,” leaving ample room for speculation as to who else could be joining the Sensorium experience.

Sensorium's PRISM venue promises to deliver a multi-sensory, immersive concert experience completely within the metaverse. We've seen bits and pieces of their vision slowly come to fruition, including the full-body digitization of the resident artists to develop their performance avatars.

Recently, Sensorium teased fans with a brief demo of the vibrant venue, but it seems they're saving most of what's being worked on for the big public launch expected later this year.