Electronic Dance Music Around the World

When you download an audio file from the internet, one of the first files that you might encounter are by the popular band, Sun-Elder. If you really enjoy the track, then try searching for the album cover, or download the track from iTunes, you can also buy the album cover from iTunes, or order it legally from the album website. If you want to hear more of their music, there is another great place to go. This is African electronic music.

The African music scene has been growing exponentially due to the increasing demand for the underground genre of hip hop, jazz, trance, and hip-hop. This has given rise to a number of online music stores where African electronic dance music can be downloaded free of charge. There are also a number of live dance clubs and events where these artists perform. These live venues often feature some of the world’s top DJ’s, providing a unique experience for music lovers. In addition, many famous stars have performed at these popular venues as well.

Another rising star in the world of African electronic dance music is Mladenelli. Born inolisburg, South Africa, Mladenelli is starting to make his mark on the worldwide music scene as well. His roots and inspirations come from the traditional music of South Africa. He began creating his own sound during the early days of his career, before moving to the United States. Mladenelli now has a number of record labels under his belt including Baby Dolls imprint.

The city of Cape Town is well known for hosting a variety of world class DJs. DJs such as Paul van Horn, Ferry Marlin, Jonas Aden and Kastoria Kinikofer are regulars at the various nightclubs and bars in Cape Town. But what is it about this city that is drawing in the likes of international DJ’s? For many people, it’s the relaxed, casual lifestyle that makes up the African music scene. The laid back, fun, adventurous and eclectic nature of African music is something that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

A few years ago, house music was considered by many to be the genre of choice when it came to African electronic dance music. However, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in this style of music, largely due to the development of more accessible technology. Nowadays you can hear almost any kind of African music on the radio, on television and even on the internet.

Two of the most popular forms are the electronica-based chill out and reggae-inspired soul. Both of these styles have been remixed recently by top DJs from all over the world. One particular DJ who has remixed both styles recently is the Nigerian producer Akon. His latest single ‘Come Here’ has gone straight to number one in the UK and is enjoying great success worldwide. If you Google Akon’s name, you will find loads of reviews and news regarding his new single. The beat is completely reggae but Akon’s trademark dubstep-style vocals have been added on to the mix, making for an exciting yet familiar sounding track.

Another man with a great range of skills in the world of electronic dance is the Kenyan dj Njong. Njong is currently following on from his last hit single ‘Talk’, which saw him take his talents from soul, jazz and hip hop to a whole new audience. This time around he is exploring what is known as “Nong music”. It is a refreshingly unique take on classic reggae that seems to have taken Africa by storm.

Africa is a huge market for electronic dance music. With cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban packing in thousands of visitors every weekend, it’s little wonder that producers are continually travelling to these places to create new music to sell. Some of the more famous DJs from this part of the world include the well know Nelson Mandela’s birthday DJ, John Paul Jones from America and Africa’s very own Finese Lama. Regardless of where your interests lie in this exciting genre, you should definitely give some serious consideration to where your next party or event is going to be held. It might just inspire you to begin your own African house music career!