EDM Mix For The Best Electronic Dance Music Mix

An Edm MP3 free download will surely make your party rocking. You will be able to play songs that you really like in a DJ mix. It is important to have the right song in a DJ mix because this will allow your DJ to make sure that the songs played are ones that are suitable for the crowd’s mood and taste. If you are into the new kinds of electronic dance music, then it is important that you find the right song to play because you might be able to attract a lot of people to your party if you have the right song. For your information, below is the list of the top five best electronic dance music mix of the year:

feat. Alessi – “Wonderland” ft. Alessi Barzino – This is another track that made its way to the list. This is one of the major EDM artists that made a name for herself in the electronic dance music scene. She has created several hit singles and albums, most notably “Wonderland”. This track is another great example of an audio mix that is suitable for a DJ.

Don Henley – “Wanted Dead Or Afraid” feat. Timbaland – This is another song that made its way into the list. Back, in the early 90s, when Don Henley was a star and a well sought after artist, he often did not tour because he was so popular. He made his debut at clubs in America during the Christmas months. The single “Wanted Dead Or Afraid” was his first single and remains to be his highest selling single. This is also the first song that mentions the phrase “Mickey, boy, I’m a jive…”, which is a quote from Michael Jackson’s “Electronic Dance” album.

Disclosure – “icleous” ft. Styles – This is an impressive electronic dance music mix from Disclosure. They are known for their vocals and fantastic instrumentals. This track reached number three on the charts and is a must hear for all EDM lovers.

Zayleth – “Aran” ft. Wale – This song is a collaboration between Zayleth and Wale. They are known for their excellent instrumental style of music and this track certainly lives up to that reputation. This is a great song to show when you have an older listener who appreciates more soulful music. The beat is very impressive and will definitely get you moving. This song did not make the cut for my personal top twenty, but it was certainly one of my favorites this year.

Rihanna – “Bubble” ft. R Kelly – This is another great electronic dance music mix from Rihanna. This song features the collaboration of both Rihanna and Kelly, as well as other prominent talents. This song is one of the few songs from Rihanna’s career where the vocals are performed by a female artist. It is definitely a high mark for the Queen of Electronic pop, and a great pick for the top twenty. Definitely a high point.

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – “ravel” ft. Florence Welch – This is a great electronic single from Calvin Harris. I would highly recommend this if you like guitar based songs. There is some heavy drums, and the beat is definitely that of someone playing a dj set with a lot of sequenced elements. A great track that really showcases what an exemplary producer Calvin Harris is.

Above & Beyond – “No Closer” feat. David Back & Carl Cox – Another top EDM mix from Above & Beyond. This one features the latest collaboration between the band and Carl Cox and also has an excellent instrumental to go along with it. This song is worth checking out if you like intricate and complex electronic music. If you enjoy simple rock beats though, this isn’t for you.