Dubloadz Announces New Music Following Indefinite Hiatus

The music industry is healing, and so is Dubloadz.

After taking a break from the industry to focus on his health, the beloved bass producer is set to release his first song in over a year.

"I actually have a song coming out this month," Dubloadz tweeted yesterday, cautioning fans that the track is a departure from his heavy-hitting dubstep sound. "It's house though, and it's chill and pretty. No headbanging sorry suckas," he wrote.

Longtime fans of Dubloadz are more than acquainted with his "Houseloadz" sound, which reinforces the technical prowess of one of the dance music scene's most versatile producers.

Long revered as one of the most creative sound designers in the bass music community, Dubloadz announced an indefinite hiatus in July 2020, citing mental health issues.

"The truth is Dubloadz is like a band aid that I need to rip off at this point. It's like a character I don't want to play anymore or have any belief in," he wrote at the time. "I never thought I'd reach a point where I truly believed my dream was dead, but I have. Even before 2020, in the depths of the last year which was the worst of my life, I've been trying to soul search and find happiness in everything I've built. The truth is, I haven't been happy or felt alive since the beginning of 2019. 7 years of trying to make Dubloadz work has put me through hell I didn't know was possible."

He went on to provide an update in December, breaking his silence to tell fans that he was "refining [his] vision" for the "next chapter of [his] life" in a heartfelt statement. Fellow dubstep star Virtual Riot also confirmed at the time that Dubloadz was working on new music.


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