Dua Lipa Wears One Piece Outfit to Milan Fashion Week

Popstar Dua Lipa has showed off one of her new outfits, which is emblazoned with the logo of One Piece's Straw Hat Pirates.

The iconic skull and crossbones with a straw hat was seen all over one of the ensembles worn by the Future Nostalgia musician during the recent Milan Fashion Week, which ran from Sept. 21 - 27. The singer did not wear the outfit as she walked during Versace's runway show, but she did show it off on her personal Instagram. Stylist Lorenzo Posocco was tagged in the post, which shows off the One Piece inspired top and skirt, as well as a pair of very tall platform heels.

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This is not the first time that Dua Lipa has publicly shown off her anime fandom: the recently released music video for "Levitating," off of her 2020 album Future Nostalgia, was created with a team of independent Japanese animators and recreates the look of classic '80s and early '90s anime. The video features several direct references to Naoko Takeuchi's highly influential magical girl shojo manga, Sailor Moon.

The singer's outfit is just the latest high profile shout-out to Eiichiro Oda's long running manga series to happen this year. During this summer's 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, multiple athletes referenced the series as they took the field. Earlier in the year, French president Emmanuel Macron used his official Twitter account to share a piece of art he was given by Oda, along with a thank you message.

One Piece was originally published in 1997 and has been serialized continuously for over 24 years, but it still continues to top the best-selling manga charts. The anime adaptation by Toei Animation debuted in 1999, and continues to be one of Japan's highest rated shows. The manga recently published its 1000th chapter and its 100th collected volume, which managed to sell over a million copies within its first week of release. Despite the franchise's continued popularity, Oda has stated that the long running story may finally be nearing its end. A recent advertisement promoted the 100th volume by saying that the series has already begun its "final stage." While the anime and manga may be wrapping up, One Piece will continue in a new live-action TV series by Netflix and Tomorrow Pictures, the studio that is also producing the live-action Cowboy Bebop remake. The new show will be executive produced by Oda himself.

One Piece is available for streaming on Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll. The manga is localized into English and distributed both digitally and in print by Viz Media.

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