Dragon’s Dogma: Season 1’s Biggest Mysteries Left Unanswered

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Dragon's Dogma, available now on Netflix.

Season 1 of Netflix's Dragon's Dogma is quite an intense ride as Ethan, the Arisen, seeks revenge for the beast murdering his family and razing his town, Cassardis. He partners with the Pawn, Hannah, after she brings him back to life and even though the dragon ate his heart, Ethan becomes a super-soldier, driven by vengeance and sadly, ego.

Eventually, he succeeds in his mission. However, the finale reveals it was all a trap by the dragon as Ethan killing the creature turns Ethan into the new monster, continuing a centuries-old cycle of hatred. However, there are a few mysteries we didn't get answers to in his journey.

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Where Do Pawns Come From?

Hannah from Dragon's Dogma

Hannah finds Ethan, uses her mystical powers to heal him and then starts their journey together. It's her destiny, apparently, with other Pawns before her responsible for helping Arisen warriors go after the dragons. But we have no idea where they came from and why this is their purpose. The only clue we get is when the dragon says Pawns are part of the "game," as they're meant to bring the Arisen to the fight.

We'd like to know the history of the Pawns and what happened to those who failed with the Arisen species. More specifically, we'd like to know about the Order that trained Hannah and how she was put on this path. After all, they're emotionless and robotic, with Hannah actually being the first to have a name thanks to Ethan. She resurrected herself after dying fighting the Hydra as well, so there must be somewhere these immortal soldiers go -- whether they succeed or not -- as part of a collective that archives their journeys.

How Are The Arisen Chosen?

The dragons seek out those who have fearlessness and bravery in their souls and by eating their hearts, they create vessels for the Arisen. But this particular dragon hinted that he left more than just Ethan dead and waiting to be chosen, so we'd like to know how the Pawns appear and pick the right one out. Do they play trial and error by selecting a bunch of them? If this was the case, then Hannah would have known beforehand that the dragon was laying a trap due to past Pawns failing.

As it stands, it seems that they just have to find a connection. The show really did skim on this respawning arc but Hannah would know moving forward there's a risk in picking the wrong person, such as Ethan. If that's the case, she'd have to leave some warriors dead if she senses they wouldn't be pure, so once more, insight is needed into this vetting process, whether it's a supernatural one or a total guessing game.

Why Did The Dragons Stay Hidden?

The dragon that is the object of Ethan's revenge plot remained dormant for 100 years but we want to know why. As it lost its sense of humanity it could have easily become a monster destroying villages for fun and games. That would have allowed it to find candidates for the Arisen more frequently, raising the chances of them killing the beast so they could be turned and the curse broken as a result.

Even if it was wrestling with its memories on the inside during this time, that would have meant the dragon wouldn't have wanted to place the burden on someone else. And so, it wouldn't have come after Ethan's loved ones. We really need to know what happens in this period of time and what activates the dragons into deciding when it's feeding time; hoping they can find a victim to pass the mantle onto in the process.

Why Didn't The Capital Hunt the Dragon?

Dragon's Dogma

Balthazar and Simon are two knights Ethan and Hannah meet along the way in a war with goblins. They'd later reunite to take on the skeleton priest, the Lich, and his bone-filled army and as part of the deal, Balthazar offered information on the dragon's whereabouts to lure Ethan in. But if he knew the beast was slumbering on the Tainted Mountain, why didn't he tell the Capital so they could launch a strike?

They've trained for the last century for this and sure, while the dragon did kill previous legions in this series, they were much smaller. The Capital could have sent the full army with weapons, with even Ethan and Hannah leading the way. We can understand they're scared but by being cowards and leaving the dragon to sleep, they keep the problem in existence for longer, risking more villages being murdered in the years to come. Balthazar sitting on this intel is odd, not to mention it's never discussed how he got the location in the first place, as he was on ground-level with Simon this entire time.

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