Dragon Goes House-Hunting Proves False Advertising Can Hurt EVERYONE

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Goes House-Hunting, Episode 3, “My First Home”, now streaming on Funimation.

It has come as a surprise to many that by Episode 3, Letty has already found his dream house ... by building it. In actual fact, his house-hunting journey is far from over, all because of some over-the-top false advertising from some pesky Heroes.

The episode starts out with a shopping trip to the Ikea of the fantasy world: the Crone’s Lair. The store is owned by the Graeae Sisters from Greek mythology, which makes sense as the sisters are the ones that gave Perseus what he needed to kill Medusa. The showroom has plenty of fantasy takes on common household items, like doors and light fixtures, though some things would be quite useful in an eco-conscious setting, like the Salamander lantern that doesn’t need fuel.

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After seeing all the possibilities of a well-built home, Letty decides to accept Dearia’s idea of building his own home from scratch. There is only one problem: Letty doesn’t have any money. He saved up some baby teeth in hopes of attracting the tooth fairy, but they aren’t worth too much in the RPG world. Letty needs to find a way to fund his building project, luckily Dearia already has a plan in mind, so they get to work.

Episode 3 shows once again that Dearia is the best real estate agent/architect a homebuyer could have, he even comes with his own team of construction gnomes and ogres. Though Letty is also eager to help, his clumsiness often gets the better of him. But it’s still a good effort and the house is completed in no time.

Now it’s time for Dearia to unveil his funding plan for Letty: use Letty’s status as a dragon to attract unsuspecting Heroes, who will come and be stripped of their gear, which will then be sold off for money. Dearia hired three bodyguards for Letty to help guard the house, a wolfman, a Minotaur and a lizard man, who all happen to be dragon fans.

The bodyguards are actually good at their job, they easily fight off the Heroes that tried to kill Letty in Episode 1 and take their stuff. The Heroes give Letty a corny name as they leave: “Flame Dragon Lord of Mass Destruction,” likely in an effort to justify their shameful defeat. But the name spreads like wildfire throughout the fantasy world and Letty’s nightmare begins.

Weaker creatures hear about Letty’s tales of Hero destruction and come seeking refuge, including two Korpokkurs from Japanese Ainu fairy tales. Letty takes them in and is soon surprised to find that his house is filled with all kinds of smaller fantasy creatures, basically making it a dungeon. The creatures are grateful for Letty’s help and even compose a song to sing Letty’s praises, spreading his bad reputation even further. The house naturally becomes a very popular dungeon for Heroes to raid, though the guards can easily take them out.

Eventually, Letty becomes too annoyed and embarrassed so he leaves the house in secret. Dearia catches up to him and told Letty that he’d already negotiated a deal with the bodyguards to purchase the house from Letty. So their house-hunting journey continues.

This episode finally shows the likable side of Letty, though he’s wimpy and naive, he is also very kind and generous and tries to help out others whenever he can. He’s also humble and doesn’t let unjustified praise get to his head, a rare trait in powerful creatures like dragons. The story is also a cautionary tale about the consequences of false advertising and unwarranted fame.

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