Dragon Ball’s Broly vs. Kale: Who Would Win a Battle?

Broly and Kale are like the Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk of the Dragon Ball franchise. They both have transformations that turn them green, engorge their muscles and send them into a berserker-like rampage. Upon Kale’s on-screen debut, fans immediately made the comparison to the DBZ movie villain. It only seems natural to compare the two.

It can be fun to think about how two similar beings would do in a one-on-one fight against one another. That’s the entire premise behind Death Battle. Here’s an idea of how Broly and Kale would fare against one another.

The best way to assess which of two Dragon Ball characters would win in a fight is by determining who’s stronger. Modern Dragon Ball likes to emphasize the value of refining one’s skills in addition to strengthening one’s body. However, at the same time, it constantly has fighters win by making one too powerful for the other to even scratch. A fight between Broly and Kale would most likely be decided by whichever side has the most absolute force.

Broly and Kale’s power levels are best measured in a total of nine tiers based on their transformations, who they fight and how they fare. At the bottom of this list in the ninth tier is Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form at the start of the Tournament of Power. When Kale confronts him in her first major battle, she transforms into a state not unlike Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan form. In this state, Kale completely powers through SSB Goku’s attacks and badly beats him, which puts her one tier above him.

In their next encounter, Kale learns to control her new power thanks to Caulifla. By concentrating and focusing her energy, Kale becomes even stronger than she was in her initial transformation, which puts her in the seventh tier. Despite this, Goku has also recently a new level of strength, the sixth tier, and is able to fend off both Kale and Caulifla in his Super Saiyan God form.

Kale can reach higher levels of strength by fusing with Caulifla to form Kefla, but this won’t be counted. The goal is to see how Kale would fair in a one-on-one fight with Broly, so adding fusion would defeat the purpose. For the sake of maintaining the comparison, Kefla will be excluded from the tier list -- although for the record, she would likely give Broly a run for his money.

Following the Tournament of Power is Broly’s arrival, and thus his entry into the tier list. Before Broly changes from his Base form into a Super Saiyan, he has a unique in-between form called his Wrathful State. By drawing on the powers of a Great Ape without transforming, Broly is able to fight on par with SSG Goku and eventually overwhelm him. This puts Broly in the fifth tier of power.

Goku makes it up to at least the fifth tier with his post-Tournament SSB form. This puts him on par with Wrathful Broly and even seems to give him an edge. This isn’t enough to say Goku is in another tier, but he should at least be at the higher end of the fifth tier.

Broly’s change into a Super Saiyan is a much greater change in power. In this form, he is able to push back both Goku and Vegeta in their SSB forms and force them to retreat. This dramatic shift in the power dynamic rightfully makes Broly a member of the fourth tier.

Joining him in the fourth tier would be Base Gogeta. The fused warrior seems strong enough to take on SSJ Broly, but he too becomes a Super Saiyan just to be safe. This gives him a big lead over Broly, so he should be placed in the third tier.

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Gogeta Broly Fight

Broly is able to close this gap with his ultimate transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan. He pushes Gogeta to SSB, which is enough to finally defeat Broly (or at least, it would have been if the fight wasn’t cut short). LSSJ Broly and SSB Goku represent the second and first tiers respectively.

As fun as the idea of putting Kale up against Broly sounds, it sadly wouldn’t be a contest. Broly is far too many leagues of power above Kale to make it an even match. If Broly’s fighting style wasn't all about powering through his opponents’ attacks, Kale would never even touch the man. She would probably stand more of a chance after fusing with Caulifla, but that goes against the spirit of the comparison. As things stand, Broly would most certainly win a one-on-one match against Kale.

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