Dragon Ball: Which Angel Is Strongest?

When it comes to Dragon Ball, power scaling is a bit of a tricky thing to figure out, and Dragon Ball Super makes things even more hectic. With new forms being created left and right, and new adversaries on the horizon constantly to challenge the power of said new forms, it seems like the only constant in Dragon Ball is that nobody stays the strongest for long.

However, even with these constant shifts in the balance of the power scale, there have always been a single set of entities who stand above the rest; those whose place as the most powerful beings in Dragon Ball has never been questioned: the Angels.

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Though most of them are in service to a higher power, the Angels are often stronger than those they serve, such as the Gods of Destruction. But that raises an interesting question. As these Angels are no doubt stronger than almost anyone they come across, which among them is strongest?

Grand Minister Clearly Stands Above The Rest

Naturally, it's easy to just say the strongest Angel is the Grand Minister and be done with it. After all, he's the father of all the Angels and works for the King of the Multiverse. There's no doubt that if he was a contender in this hypothetical Angel Battle Royale, he'd wipe the floor with all the others and not think twice about it.

However, since the Grand Minister stands above all the others on such a high pedestal that he's practically not even on the same playing field, we'll set him aside for now and focus on the 12 Angels who serve the Gods of Destruction.

Gods of Destruction Power Levels

Gods of Destruction don't usually engage in battle, but in an early chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, all 12 Gods of Destruction fought in a battle royale at the request of Zeno. While it was interrupted by Zeno asking Goku to participate to make it more interesting, it still served as an example of what to expect in terms of power from these gods: Beerus demonstrated the technique of Ultra Instinct. Rumsshi, the God of Universe 10, let out a roar that paralyzed the other gods, with Whis even mentioning Rumsshi is known for having the most powerful lungs in the multiverse. And Belmod, the God of Universe 11, created Imprisonment Balls that kept the other gods in one place while he prepared his next attack.

With all these incredibly powerful techniques demonstrated by the gods, it's easy to wonder how powerful the Angels must be if they stand above such intense beings. However, the Zeno Expo between the gods isn't the only way to determine the strength of an Angel.

Dragon Ball Universes Are Ranked Using 'Mortal Levels'

In Dragon Ball Super, universes are ranked according to their "Mortal Level" which, among other things, ranks the average strength and development of mortals in each Universe. A higher Mortal Level indicates that the Gods of Destruction and their Angel consorts are doing their jobs properly, nurturing the development of their universe in the manner they should be.

Interestingly enough, Universe 7, where Dragon Ball primarily takes place, is actually among the weakest of all Universes. Thanks to its Mortal Level of 3.18, it is currently ranked the 11th strongest Universe out of the 12 that currently exist. This would seem to place Beerus, and Whis by association, very low on the power ranking for Gods and Angels. However, Universe 7's low Mortal Level is mostly due to the fact that Beerus is often too lazy to take his God of Destruction duties seriously, thus he fails to nurture the development of his Universe as he should.

Universe 1 Has the Most Powerful Angel

The most powerful Universe in the Dragon Ball multiverse is Universe 1. While its Mortal Level has never been disclosed, the Universe is so powerful that it was exempt from the Tournament of Power, and has never been at risk of getting erased. The Angel of this universe is Awamo, whose power level is said to be so high, he can sense "everything."

With power like that, combined with the fact that he watches over what is currently considered to be the strongest Universe in all of Dragon Ball, it would be safe to say that Awamo is one of if not the single most powerful Angel of them all. Following this line of logic, Whis and Vados, the Angels of Universe 7 and 6 respectively, would likely be among the lower end of the spectrum, and Mohito, the Angel of Universe 9, which sits at the very bottom of the list, would be the weakest of them all.

However, even the weakest Angel is still an incredible force to be reckoned with. No matter which Angel turns out to be the "strongest" of them all, nobody would want to face off against any Angel who is taking a fight seriously. There's no transformation out there that could put a mere mortal on their level -- at least, not yet.

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