Dragon Ball Super’s Grand Minister Is the REAL Ruler of the Multiverse

While Dragon Ball Z introduced a whole race of gods that presided over the universe, the sequel series Dragon Ball Super went one step further by introducing an even more powerful divine host and an entire multiverse. Atop this newly revealed cosmic hierarchy is Grand Zeno, the Omni King reigning over the Dragon Ball Multiverse, revered as the most powerful being in existence. However, while Zeno may be widely recognized as the mightiest figure in the franchise to date, the real power in the multiverse may actually lay in the hands of his loyal advisor, the Grand Minister.

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Introduced at the end of the Tournament of Destruction between Universes 6 and 7, Grand Zeno appeared impressed by the martial arts display between the rival teams of champions. Invited to visit him at his home overseeing the cosmos, Goku reunited with Zeno and was also greeted by the Grand Minister. Just as the Gods of Destruction in each universe are accompanied by an angelic attendant, Zeno is accompanied by the Grand Minister. While speaking with Whis, the Grand Minister is revealed to be the father of all the angels in the multiverse, visibly happy to see his son again as Goku entertained Zeno and brought in the Grand Zeno from Future Trunks's divergent timeline to keep them both company.

Earlier in the series, Whis was revealed to be far stronger than Beerus, capable of knocking out the Universe 7 God of Destruction with a single chop. This suggests that every angel is more powerful than their respective God of Destruction, with the Grand Minister similarly possessing beyond-divine levels of combat strength. Given that the Grand Minister is constantly with Zeno, who can wipe out or restore entire universes with a wave of his finger, this implies that the Grand Minister is stronger than his all of his children, considering that he must be able to keep Zeno in line as his guardian. And, even beyond the massive power levels that Dragon Ball is renowned for, the Minister's proximity to Zeno puts him in an unmistakable position of extreme influence.

While incredibly powerful and able to warp the fabric of reality itself, Grand Zeno is extraordinarily childish and na├»ve in his demeanor, coming off as a little kid who is more interested in being entertained rather than actually managing the minutiae of the multiverse. Even as Zeno and his divergent timeline counterpart subjected the entire multiverse to the Tournament of Power for the fate of existence, the Grand Minister was able to keep the Zenos' attention on the tournament and steer their opinions on how the ultimate contest of champions should unfold. Similarly, as the one watching over Zeno at all times, it's up to the Grand Minister as a cosmic gatekeeper to decide who receives an audience with the Omni Kings.

While the Grand Minister doesn't appear to have ulterior motives, he is quietly one of the most influential figures in the Dragon Ball multiverse. Speaking with enough authority to subtly command even someone as supremely omnipotent as the Omni King, the Grand Minister has untold levels of strength, at least on par with his children, who themselves have demonstrated the ability to overpower the Gods of Destruction. The Grand Minister is literally on the side of angels, which is fortunate for the Z Fighters as he hasn't moved to usurp his more innocent multiversal deities.

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