Dragon Ball Super Vol. 11 Has Goku & Vegeta Prepare for a Big Rematch

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Vol. 11, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, on sale now in English from Viz Media.

The previous translated manga volume of Dragon Ball Super showcased Moro, a magical supervillain who emerged after being imprisoned for centuries by the Grand Supreme Kai. Capable of consuming the life force of planets themselves, Moro killed millions to add to his own magical powers as he cut a new path of destruction across the universe, starting with New Namek. And with Goku and Vegeta drafted by Jaco into the Galactic Patrol, the two Saiyan warriors attempted to stop Moro, only to witness firsthand how Moro's draining magic helped him turn the tables even while the pair used Super Saiyan Blue.

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Picking up from the cliffhanger ending of Vol. 10, in Vol. 11, Moro's powers cause Goku and Vegeta to steadily lose energy and grow visibly weaker. Majin Buu, with the absorbed Grand Supreme Kai reasserting control over Buu's body, intervenes to save the two heroes' lives. However, even back in control, the Supreme Kai finds that the divine energy he possessed ages ago during his last confrontation against Moro has since been lost. The Grand Supreme Kai quickly realizes that the divine energy he once possessed was transferred to Kid Buu and seemingly destroyed by Goku and his Super Spirit Bomb in their own fateful battle several years ago.

In the wake of New Namek's destruction, with Dragon Ball Super's heroes rescued by fellow Galactic Patrolman Merus, Goku and Vegeta accompany the Galactic Patrol as they're finally able to assess the damage Moro's escape caused. This leads to a convict named Saganbo instigating a prison breakout at the Galactic Patrol's space station, with Moro arriving to empower Saganbo as he and his associates take the fight to Goku and Vegeta directly. While the Saiyans initially have the upper hand, Moro begins to drain their combat energy from both them again, causing them to revert to weaker Super Saiyan transformations.

As Moro and Saganbo continue their rampage across the cosmos, Goku and Vegeta go their separate ways in the battle's aftermath to train for the inevitable rematch. Goku and Merus, an angel with immense fighting prowess like Whis, begin training together in the Galactic Patrol's equivalent to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, with time progressing considerably slower inside to give them more time to train on the fly. Vegeta travels to Yardrat, the planet where Goku learned the Instant Transmission technique. For Vegeta's role in destroying the Ginyu Force, who terrorized the planet as part of the Frieza Force, the people of Yardrat agree to train Vegeta to potentially surpass Goku.

With Vegeta looking to achieve new levels of power and Goku attempting to master Ultra Instinct under Merus' guidance, the two Saiyans will have to train quickly if they hope to survive their eventual rematch against Moro. The magical supervillain and his upgraded crew of escaped convicts are wasting no time in cutting a path through the galaxy, settling on Earth after being drawn to the power levels of the Z Fighters. With Piccolo poised to lead the planet's defenders — realizing something was amiss when he wasn't able to contact New Namek — Moro has made the fight more personal than ever.

Even the mightiest Z Fighters in Dragon Ball Super have been unable to slow Moro down as the villain grows in power with every planet he consumes, now with an entire evil crew at his beck and call. Goku and Vegeta failed to save New Namek from Moro's wrath and now the antagonist is stronger than ever. Now with Earth right in Moro's path as of Vol. 11, Goku and Vegeta better train hard and hope the rest of the Z Fighters are strong enough to keep the villains at bay.

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