Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Uses His Intelligence To Figure Out His Newest Foe

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter #72, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English through Viz Media.

Since his introduction in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has repeatedly proven that he's smarter than Goku, which is admittedly a bar that has lowered significantly in recent years. Still, in most cases, Vegeta's intelligence hasn't aided him in defeating the franchise's biggest and baddies foes. However, that might all change in "Granolah the Survivor Saga," the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super.

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In Dragon Ball Super Chapter #72, Goku and Vegeta arrive on Cereal after being tricked by the Heeters into thinking that Granolah -- who used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest fighter in the universe -- is actually a villain. They soon take off to fight Granolah, and find that he's a formidable foe capable of moving at incredible speeds. There's also some indication that Granolah has abilities akin to Ultra Instinct and Destruction, which the two Saiyans have been learning from Whis and Beerus, respectively.

After finally tracking their target down, Vegeta allows Goku to fight Granolah first, indicating that he wants to overcome the last Cerealian first so as to prove his own strength. However, Vegeta also seems to have an ulterior motive. On the way to Granolah, Vegeta and Goku noticed that Cereal wasn't in the state that it should have been were their opponent really a monster, noting the only ruins on the planet looked quite old. Throughout the fight with Goku and Vegeta, Granolah indicates that he knows something about Saiyans, mentioning their Great Ape form, amongst other things. Granolah even lets slip that he wants to kill Freeza and will get that villain's location from Goku and Vegeta.

Art from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia.

During his battle with Goku, Granolah reveals that his eye allows him to, essentially, pick out the Saiyan's various weak points and exploits them. However, that additional information prompts Vegeta to investigate Planet Cereal, where he finds a footprint from a Saiyan in their Great Ape form. "It's all making sense now," Vegeta remarks. "Yes, I see. I think I know who he is."

While it's clear that Vegeta knows the truth about what happened to Planet Cereal, just what he'll do in response isn't clear. The Saiyan Prince is certainly in a great position to start talking with Granolah to explain that he and Goku also hate Freeza. After the Saiyans were wiped out, Vegeta also wanted to kill Freeza for his actions. However, Granola is quickly proving himself the strongest fighter in the universe, and that might mean Vegeta will test his might against the last Cerealian before attempting to reason with him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 will release on June 20 through Viz Media.

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