Dragon Ball Super: The Manga’s Latest Villain Is a Reverse Vegeta

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Dragon Ball Super manga.

When Dragon Ball fans first met Vegeta, he was an angry villain wanting to avenge the annihilation of his race. Now, he's a still-relatively angry but well-to-do reluctant hero. Vegeta's mellowed out for the most part since his introduction, but the latest villain in the Super manga, Granolah, may bring up those old feelings again.

Granolah is from the Cerealian race, who were also wiped out by Frieza like the Saiyans. The twist, however, is that Granolah also seeks revenge on the Saiyans, as they helped Frieza destroy his people. Granolah barely survived the Great Ape attack on his city, and now suffers severe nightmares from the experience.

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He later became a bounty hunter, waiting for the chance to take revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans. However, those hopes were dashed when he learned Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a meteor -- a lie made up by Frieza, who actually destroyed the planet-- and that Frieza was killed by Goku. He's since learned of Frieza's resurrection and wants to take this opportunity to get revenge for the destruction of his home.

Granolah debuts in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

This is almost beat for beat Vegeta's backstory. The only differences are that Vegeta was a prince taken in by Frieza to be a soldier, and Vegeta had no sense of love for anyone. His revenge was more based around pride and his title as Saiyan Prince being taken from him, but now he has a family and friends. Granolah had personal connections and had people that he loved. Now, he has nobody and wants to get revenge because of the lives lost and his own emotional turmoil.

Now that Frieza is back, Granolah is training in order to be the one to kill him, though this could lead him to eventually target Vegeta and Goku, since they are Saiyans. This revelation could cause Vegeta to look back on his own path and try to reach out to Granolah, in his own angry way. They are two sides of the same coin, and while Granolah could potentially end up killing Frieza should he become strong enough, facing off against Goku and Vegeta could prove to be more of a challenge. He also doesn't know the truth about Planet Vegeta's destruction. Granolah currently believes it was just a freak accident when it was actually Frieza's doing. Vegeta could use this to his advantage to get through to the mercenary.

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How Granolah plans to reach his goal is unclear for now, but we know he has his sights on Frieza, Vegeta and Goku. With the resurrection of the space emperor, Granolah surely isn't the only one out for revenge against him, though he's currently the only one on the move. Now that he has captured OG73, he could use the intel stored in Seven-Three's memories to learn more about the Saiyans and their fighting style.

Hopefully, Vegeta will take center stage in this saga since his story is so similar to Granolah's. Now that Vegeta and Goku have families, could Granolah let his anger rip them away?

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