Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Producer Confirms Movie’s Focus on Gohan and Piccolo

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will focus on the characters of Gohan and Piccolo.

Goku's son and his former nemesis will take the spotlight in the series' latest movie, according to Dragon Ball series producer Akio Iyoku. In a statment which was given at the Toei Lineup Presentation in Japan on Feb. 3 and translated by Twitter user @DBSChronicles, Iyoku confirmed that the new movie's story would focus primarily on Gohan and his original martial arts teacher, Piccolo. "It's been almost 40 years since the start of the series but never before has there been a work with so much heart," Iyoku said. "This time, the story is centered around the master-disciple duo of Gohan and Piccolo," the producer explained.

There was some speculation that the movie would focus on another hero besides Goku, since the previously released trailers for the film have featured surprisingly few shots of the series' traditional protagonist in action. The movie's most recently trailer, which primarily consisted of footage of Gohan fighting the movie's two new android antagonists, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, was shown at last December's Jump Festa convention. Some of the more recent entries in the Dragon Ball series, including the current Granolah the Survivor arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga, have been criticized for concentrating on Goku and Vegeta at the expense of the rest of the franchise's cast.

Iyoku also revealed that the movie's title was chosen to emphasize its aspirational themes. "Up until now, everyone has been getting stronger and stronger. So Earth is the stage this time. "How will people on Earth stand up to this threat?," is how we came up with this story," Iyoku said, adding, "There was a lot of discussion about having "Super" in the title. But we wanted to convey the idea that "everyone is a hero."

Fans may still get to see plenty of Goku in the near future, as Iyoku previously teased that there would be more animated Dragon Ball releases this year besides the new movie. While more details have yet to be announced, many fans have speculated that the producer was teasing a possible new season of the Dragon Ball Super anime, which completed its original broadcast run in 2018. The manga has since completed a full story arc and is about to finish its current saga, leaving plenty of content for a potential new season to adapt.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to be released in Japan on April 22. While details about the movie's international release have yet to be announced, the film's producers previously promised to make the gap between its Japanese premiere and its western release as short as possible.

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