Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Granolah Survived the Saiyan Attack on Cereal

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, "Bardock, Father of Goku," by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English through Viz Media.

One of the biggest mysteries of "Granolah the Survivor Saga" is just how the titular last Cerealian survived the Saiyans' attack on his planet. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, Monaito made clear that Bardock -- Goku's father -- actually saved the two. Now, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 has gone into more detail about just what Bardock did.

Early in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, the Saiyans attack Planet Cereal alongside Freeza's army. The Saiyans are in their Great Ape form, and handily winning the battle. Soon, though, Bardock finds Granolah and his mother -- Muezli -- hiding in a church of some sort. Eventually, the Cerealians destroy their moon and thus take Bardock out of his Great Ape form. The Saiyan then goes to confront Muezli and Granolah. Muezli shoots Bardock with an energy blast, and he thinks about his wife and newborn son, Goku.

Soon, one of Bardock's fellow Saiyans, Leek, comes to say that they've got to go, but Bardock decides to stay behind and take Muezli and Granolah to Monaito, whose energy signal he's able to identify using his scouter. He tells them to be careful, as Freeza is coming, and claims he's saving the three of them because he wants to. Bardock then tries leaving, but Monaito stops him and heals the injury the Saiyan sustained earlier from Muezli. As they're talking, they overhear the Heeters talking about their plans to sell Planet Cereal and eventually betray Freeza.

Initially, Bardock and Monaito remain undetected, but Muezli comes out to see what's going on and joins them. It's then that Granolah comes out to find his mother. He screams after seeing Bardock, as he's a Saiyan. This alerts the Heeters to their presence. While Bardock is able to hide his identity using Monaito's cloak, the Heeters' leader, Elec, tells the Saiyan to kill the planet's last three survivors. Bardock tries to delay them, but Elec ends up shooting Muezli. Bardock then attacks the Heeters. Bardock, Monaito and Granolah all get away, but Muezli ends up dying. As the chapter wraps up, Heeters' member Gas goes off in search of the surviving trio.

There are still some things unclear about just how Granolah survived, but Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 makes pretty clear that Bardock bests Gas, as the Heeters' gang member is looking to get revenge for his past defeat in the present day. It seems likely that Bardock or Monaito strikes some sort of deal with the Heeters, as they know of Granolah's existence in the present day, and the Cerealian was even working for them. However, Granolah now also knows that the Heeters' are responsible for the death of his mother, while a Saiyan -- one of his sworn enemies -- saved him. This is sure to rock Granolah's worldview in a big way, and he may finally know just who he needs to destroy so as to avenge those he lost.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 releases on Nov. 19 in English through Viz Media.

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