Dragon Ball Super Reveals Granolah’s Backstory – and His Deadly Targets

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media. This article uses Viz's spelling for names.

Introduced in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67, Granolah burst onto the scene by wrecking a squad of Seven-Three clones. However, that introduction left a number of questions about Granolah's motivations and just why he wanted the body of the Seven-Three that worked with the villainous Moro. The answer to those questions has come quickly, though, as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 reveals Granolah's backstory -- and it puts him on a collision course with Goku, Vegeta and the recently revived Freeza.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 opens on the destruction of Granolah's people -- the Cerealians --  by an army of Saiyans in their Great Ape forms, which is part of a recurring nightmare the fighter has been having. Granolah laments to his computer, Oatmeel, that he's unable to get revenge on those who destroyed his people, as he believes both Freeza and the Saiyans to be gone. Word of Freeza's exploits since being revived at the end of the "Universe Survival Saga" have, apparently, not reached Granolah, and he seems unaware that Goku and Vegeta even exist.

That all changes quickly, though. Granolah arrives at the base of gang to whom he gives Seven-Three's body in exchange for a bounty. The gang's leader -- Elec -- soon reveals that Freeza is actually alive, which prompts Granolah to ask for more information so he can get his revenge on the monster. Granolah gets aggressive, and a member of the gang named Gas easily takes down the young fighter. From there, Granolah sets out to find Freeza. However, riling Granolah up was part of Elec's plan, as he wants Freeza to kill the fighter before he gets more powerful than Gas and thus causes the gang issues.

In space, Granolah is ambushed by a mercenary named Soshiru and a group of his allies. The group is hoping to steal the bounty that Granolah just obtained for Seven-Three's body. However,  Granolah isn't one to go down easily. The fighter tricks Soshiru and his allies into entering his ship and starts taking them out from a distance, revealing Cerealians are expert snipers. After that battle, Granolah acknowledges that he can't beat Freeza yet and so vows to become the strongest fighter in the universe. Immediately after this vow, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 switches focus to the Oracle Fish on Beerus' planet prophesying, "Universe 7... balance... shifting... strongest warrior in the universe... will soon rise up."

The placement of the Oracle Fish's prophecy in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 hints Granolah will soon become the most powerful fighter in the universe. However, just how he'll obtain that sort of strength isn't totally clear. While Granolah has proven himself formidable, there's no way he's on the level of someone like Goku, who can finally use Ultra Instinct with regularity. That being said, the Dragon Ball Universe is one of limitless possibilities -- and also magic Dragon Balls that can grant any wish. So there's a good chance Granolah might have to cheat to get his revenge on Freeza and, potentially, the last remaining members of the Saiyan race that destroyed his people.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 releases Feb. 19.

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